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Topic: Question for Michiel Post...

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    Question for Michiel Post...

    I was curious if your Prepared Piano CD has any samples that are playable along with regular instruments or are they tuned weird like traditional ethnic instruments?
    I\'m looking for a tweaked out piano to write a weird melody along with orchestral sounds.

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    Re: Question for Michiel Post...

    The collection has several programs. One is a full preparation, one is a GONG, one a BASS, and several others (SCRAPE, PAPER, etc). Some of these can be played in a melodic fashion. The contain samples that are spread out over an octave or two.
    The main program however is a true preparation and does not have melodic context; it\'s a percussion instrument. When played in combination with an existing piano melody the result is very beautiful. The prep. piano adds weird context to the melody. There are sudden un-expected rhythmic accents. I would recommend doing such a combination.
    Further: all samples are uncompressed and you can easily build a melodic instrument from one sample by making a new instrument in the editor.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Question for Michiel Post...

    Thanks for the info Michiel

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