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Topic: True Strike 2 vs Anything Else?

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    True Strike 2 vs Anything Else?

    I currently own the original Stormdrum in NI format and am looking into getting some new samples along this line. I use a patch in SD called Big Hits quite a bit (too much in fact). I am looking for some large big bangs that are playable with multi levels of velocity. I'd also like some nice taikos, roto toms, etc. Smaller percussion is not neccessary.

    True Strike 2 seems like a winner but at over $400 it seems kind of pricey. Is there anything else out there (maybe in smaller chunks) that can give me bang for the buck? (pardon the pun)

    I am extermely nervous about the Play engine and, although SD 2 seems nice, I don't want to go down that road. Any input would be appreciated.

    All the very best,


    PS I also own Stylus RMX with all of the Spectrasonics expansion packs, Kontakt 3, Omnisphere, Gold Pro XP, VSL SE and Extended, Easy Drummer with all expansions.
    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: True Strike 2 vs Anything Else?

    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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