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Topic: Steinway Version 1.03 update

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    Steinway Version 1.03 update

    I expect version 1.03 will go on the official site garritan.biz on Friday or Monday, so if you want to be sure you are running the official version make sure you download it from garritan.biz, not from the link here. Meanwhile... you are very welcome to download what will most likely be the version that gets posted on garritan.biz, which is the release candidate version of 1.03 (applicable to all Steinway editions), available from this link as a public beta.

    Windows Release Candidate:

    Macintosh Release Candidate:

    If you have any problems with either the mac or windows update, please let me know!

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    Re: Steinway Version 1.03 update

    Here are the release notes for Version 1.03, for what's new, fixed, or changed.

    General Steinway fixes and changes:
    Fixed: Sustain Resonance decay
    Fixed: Sustain Resonance noise artifact
    Fixed: Potential Sustain Resonance crash on Macintosh
    Fixed: Note response across dynamic range
    Changed: Pedal 'Mechanical Noise' volume lowered, for low settings in the UI
    Changed: Mod wheel (CC1) now controls release sample volume
    Changed: Note-ons with velocity 1 now silently triggers notes

    ARIA player fixes and changes:
    Fixed: Staccato release time
    Fixed: Sustain and Sostenuto pedal interactions with note-holding
    Fixed: Sustain and Sostenuto pedal interactions with release samples
    Fixed: Multiple Core CPU issue

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    Re: Steinway Version 1.03 update

    here is Chopin's demo piece with the 1.03 update.

    this is awesome Jeff and Gary and David and and ....

    This is the Classic


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    Re: Steinway Version 1.03 update

    Absolutely Gorgeous.

    Why are the Standard and Professional versions sold out (and have been for ages)??

    What is the upgrade price from Basic to Standard or Professional?

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