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Topic: ProSamples Problem

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    ProSamples Problem

    I just purchased prosamples volume 7. This was my first ever prosamples purchase. It came with two cds. The first cd, CD A, has nothing on it (according to my computer). The second CD, CD B, has loops in a bunch of different formats. I currently use Acid 3.0 Pro, and I found that the wav set worked for my program, and all in all contained around 200 sounds.

    Now my problem is this. I payed 50 dollars for one blank disk and another that has only around 200 loops for use. Did I miss something? Was my first cd supposed to have something on it? I can\'t find any normal drum loops in the entire package... Can anyone help me?



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    Re: ProSamples Problem

    Your \'blank\' CD is probably an AKAI S1000/2000 format CD. Use GigaStudio/Sampler to convert the programs on it to .GIG files!

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    Re: ProSamples Problem

    Do you think?

    When I put the cd into my computer, the computer couldn\'t find any info on that disk at all!

    If I use gigastudios to decode these samples, are they going to be the same loops that the other cd gives me for acid?

    Does anyone else have any advice on this?

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    Re: ProSamples Problem


    Has anyone else used prosample loop packages?
    If so, what is found on cd A.


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    Re: ProSamples Problem

    The disk you CAN use is probably audio, whereas the ither disk is probably AKAI format. AKAI format is not a dos format, so the PC won\'t see it \'natively\' you need to look at the disk through the eyes of Gigastudio\'s explorer pane - it recognizes AKAI disks.

    Good luck.

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    Re: ProSamples Problem

    Yes it probably is an Akai disk.
    Are you using WinXP?
    I am and Giga says there is no CD in the drive.
    Does anyone know, Is this an XP/Giga problem or am I missing something?


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    Re: ProSamples Problem

    I have a couple ProSamples discs and had the same confusion as you at first. As others have mentioned, you cannot acccess the data on the CD from your CD Rom. Go to Giga Studio and open your CD Rom from there and convert the files (which are Akai format) to
    Gig 2 Files. After that simply right click on your local sampler and your data base will be rebuilt to reflect the new samples which have been saved to disc. Then youll be all set to go. Good luck


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    Re: ProSamples Problem

    Note that you may need to have the CD in the drive and recognized (spun up) BEFORE you start Giga. Mine won\'t recognise the ProSamples disks otherwise, but once it can see them, you can right-click on each volume and tell it to convert to Giga in one relatively easy step.
    If you had to do this for it to work, you\'ll need to quit Giga and reinsert the next CD, GS won\'t know you\'ve changed disks otherwise (There is a way from within Giga, but it didn\'t work for me.)

    And yes, they probably are the same loops, but if you run them in Giga or Akai, they may have multiple layers.


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    Re: ProSamples Problem


    CD-A is a Akai Format Disk.
    You can read it with a Akai sampler or
    a sampler that can convert Akai formated
    samples.So its not blank.
    The computer just cant read it.
    I dont know if the files will show up
    if you look at the CDROM directory with
    Giga sampler(I dont have it)but you should
    give it a try.I hope this helps.


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