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Topic: OT - FX Teleport

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    Question OT - FX Teleport

    Anyone using FX Teleport?

    Explanation and description here - http://www.fxteleport.com/

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    Re: OT - FX Teleport

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx View Post
    Anyone using FX Teleport?
    I've never used it but I read good things about it.


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    Re: OT - FX Teleport

    Hey Styxx,
    I dunno about this one. The product was great and still would be if it were updated. I'm hearing problems with 64 bit, Vista and more recent versions of VSTis. If you are going to stick with XP you might be just fine, but given the dust settling on the FX-Teleport site I would not count on much support. It's sad too because it is such a cool product. I'm still waiting for version 2 to come out (because of the Mac support) but it has been 2 years now and no signs of progress.

    Again, if you don't push the limits with the newest and greatest you might be fine.

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    Re: OT - FX Teleport

    start with disclaimer<G>... YMMV!

    I tried FX Teleport a couple years ago, and it works brilliantly.

    However, for my configuration a better (and less expensive) solution was MusicLab's MIDIoverLAN and the unused optical ports on the Dakota cards in both computers. So I gave up on testing FX Teleport.

    At the time my only interest was running GigaStudio3 on the second computer. I am now trying to find a rational path to get as far away from GS3 as possible - without abandoning my libraries! So I too will be taking a look at FX Teleport, Wormhole, and all the other solutions for networking studio computers.

    In the meantime, if you want to offload some of the virtual instruments FX Teleport will do the trick.
    Bill Thompson
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    Re: OT - FX Teleport

    The new FX-Teleport like solution is the combination of Midi-Over-Lan and AudioImpressions' AudioPort. MOL unables you to transfer MIDI over the network, and AudioPort unables you to transfer up to 32 channels of Audio up to 192khz over that same network.
    The thing here is that the Master DAW can be Mac or PC but the slave computers need to be PC's. From what I've heard AudioImpressions are working on a Mac version to host plugins.

    Check out

    If you are only using MAC's then your solution can be Midi-Over-Lan and a Appogee Symphony64 card in each of the computers. You connect your computers via the SBus - again this unables you to transfer up to 32 channels 192khz over one cable.

    Also, if you want to have a dedicated computer for your Orchestra, you can use the Vienna Ensemble and their Vienna instruments. Is is the simplest solution out there, but you can only host VSL Instruments. You can use either Mac or PC on either end, with one Lan cable between your computers. You set up your orchestra on the slave machine and when you open up your session the slave machine will also open correct instruments. It's a great solution!!!

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    Re: OT - FX Teleport

    I was unaware of the Audio Impressions offering... thanks for the info!

    I'm probably not in the market just yet, and in fact I am headed in the opposite direction<G>, I'd like to get everything running on a single machine, and having jettisoned GS3 it is now a possibility for the projects I currently work on.

    If I did not already have Frontier Design Dakotas in both machines this would be really attractive, as $129 is a wee bit less than I have invested in audio interfaces!

    On the other hand (there's always another hand eh?) my present configuration offers a couple of advantages (although at a cost obviously):
    1) as close to zero additional latency as one can get, all audio travels from ADAT port to ADAT port, and the little lightpipe cables take up almost no space!
    2) the network is left to handle MIDI only, which clearly is no strain for 100BT

    If (when) I end up going back to multiple machines I'll definitely check this out, as it's a lot less expensive than my hardware solution!

    Oh, and before anyone asks... I use MIDI over TCP/IP to free up physical MIDI ports. I have an 8x8 interface (the Sierra) connected to the main machine, but that isn't as many ports as it sounds like... I still have quite a bit of external hardware, and I go through ports at an insane rate.
    Bill Thompson
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    Re: OT - FX Teleport

    NICE Topic, as I have been looking for software solutions for a mixed Mac/PC studio for years.

    Actually, if you are using Mac only, you don't need any third-party networking software for MIDI networking. It is built-into OSX. And Wormhole, which you can find for free, (since it is no longer being developed by Plasq who offered up the last version for free). works really good for routing audio with almost NO latency.

    I use Wormhole to run audio from my PC to my mac. I tried MOL, which was good, but expensive, I haven't really looked into it much lately.

    I'll look into this now that my studio is finally taking shape.

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