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Topic: Can't find my can opener!

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    Can't find my can opener!

    Sorry for not posting in a long while. I hope everyone here is doing well!!

    On December 8, I wrecked my car, but thankfully no one was injured... well my near perfect driving record was probably injured a bit though.

    During the last few months, the company where i was employed slowed down a lot, and began layoffs. Before i tell you i was laid off a week ago, i have to say it was short lived and now I'm working at the company I was hoping for, closer to home with better pay and a very good benefit package.

    Thank you, God!!!!!!!

    During the week of uncertainty, even though i have faith that if you tithe, God will deliver on His promise, i got a small taste of what many must be going through. My joy of having employment is accompanied with sadness for all the people who are going through bad times. I pray for them and for all of you here at the forum.

    While hunting for my can opener, which has apparently escaped from my humble abode, i thought about how if i wouldn't have had this can chili, i could have had at least a can of veggies or something. If can opener does not turn up soon, i can always knock on a neighbor's door. Waiting three weeks for a paycheck can not possibly compare to not have one at all.

    Please join me in prayer for all who are without one.


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    Re: Can't find my can opener!

    Well said, David.
    Dayton, Kentucky
    Personally, I'm waiting for caller IQ.

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