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Topic: Silk is gorgeous!

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    Silk is gorgeous!

    The sounds are just great. The Duduks blow away the RA Duduk, i.e., which was pretty good.

    And if you follow East West's suggestion that you use separate instances rather than multi-timbral so that it spreads throughout the cores, it is behaving very well here on my Dual Quad with Logic Pro 8.0.2.
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    Re: Silk is gorgeous!


    Do you know how the duduk compares to Bela D's? I'm happy to hear that Silk sounds nice. I just can't believe you can't use a multitimbral piece of software multitimbrarly... How much ram are you wasting opening up multiple instances?

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    Re: Silk is gorgeous!

    Re: "I just can't believe you can't use a multitimbral piece of software multitimbrarly"
    ---You certainly CAN do that if you wish, but performance is better with Play libraries when you use multiple instances. Obviously that's why EWQL recommend that approach.
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