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Topic: Some fusion/jazz and Omnisphere

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    Some fusion/jazz and Omnisphere

    Hi all,

    Thought I'd join the overall Omni praise on the forums and show some of my examples of Omni in a slightly different setting. I have revisited the merry 80's and tried to make some new versions of some Chick Corea tunes and use Omni in a mix between acoustic instruments (sampled) and synth sounds. Although I can get really impressed of Omni in the electronica/trance/RnB area, those are not really my kind of music. Chick, on the other hand, is my all time favorite.

    Here are two examples,

    City Gate/Rumble

    Home Universe/Eternal child

    The instruments used are my Yamaha P-250 piano, Scarbees SID XL drums, Omnisphere and RMX and then my old trusted Blade electric bass through an EBS rig. Cubase 5, Altiverb and Ozone 4.

    As said so many times before this synth is really inspiring. It makes you want to try to do new kinds of music which you haven't done before. I guess that's the intent, right Spectrum? The only thing I lack is some legato samples on the fabulous nylon guitar to enable you to do hammer-ons /pull-offs (which I guess you can hear on the Eternal child piece).

    So, thanks again for this instrument!

    Daniel Enström

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    Re: Some fusion/jazz and Omnisphere

    Inspiring and absolutely brilliant.
    I think I will stick to my day job.

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    Re: Some fusion/jazz and Omnisphere


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    Re: Some fusion/jazz and Omnisphere

    Wow!!! I dug the heck out of that...very nice. This held my interest all the way through both tracks.

    Lovely playing, super arranging, great mix and recording......super!

    I am a guitar player but Chick is one of my all time favorite musicians/composers.

    I am so impressed, thanks.
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    Re: Some fusion/jazz and Omnisphere

    Great Job Daniel !

    Did you get a chance to check out RTF on their reunion tour last year.

    I saw them when they came to Chicago.

    Thanks for sharing !

    Take care,


    Larry Ortega
    LJ Productions Inc.

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    Re: Some fusion/jazz and Omnisphere

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your feedback! Nice that you like it. And yes, I did catch RTF on their summer tour here in Europe. I live in Sweden so I had to go to the Pori jazz festival in Finland to catch them, but it really was worth the trip. I have another RTF tune in the works which is based on a Childrens song. I'll post it when it is ready!

    Once again, thanks for the nice comments!


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    Re: Some fusion/jazz and Omnisphere

    now that is what i would like to hear out of all sample libraries.thanks.. great music.

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    Re: Some fusion/jazz and Omnisphere

    Excellent work Daniel!
    I am very impressed by your renderings.
    Great playing and very cool mix.
    You rock!


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    Re: Some fusion/jazz and Omnisphere

    Thanks for your comments Hans! I have listened/viewed to quite a few of your tunes on vimeo as I really enjoy them! They sound excellent and what I really like is this visual connection. I would love to try to do something like that myself but to me, a big obstacle would be how to get hold of good source material if the videos should include live footage (which I would like). Do you have some database which you use?


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    Re: Some fusion/jazz and Omnisphere

    Thank you very much Daniel!
    Very kind of you!

    The abstract stuff in my clips is generated by software.
    I use Artmatics Voyager and V-Track for that.
    The real footage stuff is mostly coming from www.archive.org which is a giant database for public domain videos.
    Mostly stuff from the 40s and 50s where there is no longer any copyrights. Lots of obscure educational films to be found there.
    I just recently purchased a rather big visuals library from digitaljuice with basic elements like smoke, fire, water etc that i use to create composite layers with.
    For me the most important tool is the editor software.
    I could never wrap my head around Final Cut-its just not musical enough!

    I rather use V-Track for that-it gives me 8 tracks of video that i can layer and the timeline uses BPM and bars so it is really a piece of cake to sync the visuals to the music.


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