"Pope Joan" is Michael Butler's production which has been running since mid-January in Hollywood. I arranged the show's music, - that was my baptism by fire into the delights (?!?!) of Sibelius.

I saw online this morning that the show is closing earlier than originally planned. Tomorrow (March 2) is the final date, instead of March 22.

Reactions have been mixed, reviews the same. I don't know what the houses have been like, but they must have been disappointing, in light of the early closing.

But the music for the show, and most particularly, the band, consistently got good reviews.

I just discovered this one today, which has this quote:

Sound designer Rebecca Kessin’s mix of miked singers and musical accompaniment could not be better. And the voices of the 18-member ensemble when joined in harmony are stunning, as in the opening number, “The Church Will Stand,” and the finale “A Thousand Years From Now. (Kudos to Randy Bowser’s musical arrangement.)..."
That's nice to see. Here's the URL for the whole review:


I think this is the best direct reference in the various reviews to my arranging job, though others praised the band's performance. It's a nice thing to see right now when so many other projects are rather uncertain and up-in-the-air.

Randy B.