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Topic: Help Needed, Problem with ???

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    Cool Help Needed, Problem with ???

    I've only been in music for 2 years with piano lessons and midi things so...

    Here's my setup; Korg Oasys 88, M-Audio FW1814, and a Core2 quad 2.5 with 4 gig DDR3 ram bla,bla, bla... Oasys connected to midi m-audio.

    When I play with the Steinway, volume in headphones too low even with the pots all he way up input and outpout. So I raise the EQ in software (the 3) to +8.

    Now when I make a chord like amin7 and depress I ear like a hissing sound for about 2,3 seconds than stops. Could be like the other strings vibrating I dont know never played on a grand before but if it is in my opinion I should not ear it in classic or stage preset and it does, or it looks to me like if when you press 3 notes simultaneously the samples does not fade gradually...mot sure about what it is but, I dont like it.

    For the sound of the samples, without that thing I simply love it

    Could it be my sound card???

    Thanks for your answers, Rejean

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    Re: Help Needed, Problem with ???

    You definitely won't want to raise the EQ for more volume. [A sort of general rule with audio is when you do work with EQ it's best cut the highs, or lows, or mids (or whatever) to achieve the sort of sound you want. Raising EQ levels is something to be much more careful about, when trying to get a sound, since EQ always introduces some degree of artifacts, and the artifacts are much less noticeable if you cut frequencies with EQ. I say all that just to emphasize the fact that EQ won't work well for raising volume.]
    You can go to the Space tab, to the ambience section, and raise the dry slider (all the way if you want). You risk clipping (distortion) with the slider all the way up but it will give you more volume. Really the best way to get volume without risk of artifacts or distortion is to use an amplifier. You could use a headphone amplifier, a pro audio amp, or simply a home stereo amplifier if you like. First I'd try different positions of the slider in the Ambience section though, since it is the easiest answer if not the best answer. But if you want to guarantee audio fidelity it's a job exclusively for an amplifier - raising digital levels like with that slider only gets you so far and will come with risk of clipping when you play loud fortes on the piano.

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    Re: Help Needed, Problem with ???

    Quote Originally Posted by Rejean L View Post
    Now when I make a chord like amin7 and depress I ear like a hissing sound for about 2,3 seconds than stops.
    I hear this too and posted about it in another thread. I play with the dry slider all the way up and found that when I play something heavy and staccato in the left hand I can hear 2 or 3 seconds of hiss from the time the last played note is released and the hiss stops.

    I hope this is being addressed for the 1.04 build?

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    Re: Help Needed, Problem with ???

    Probably 1.05 Curt (I want to do quicker changes for 1.04) - I expect to make changes to release samples which would help.
    For volume, my advice is same as above though.

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    Re: Help Needed, Problem with ???

    Thank you Curt!

    I can now stop all those tests, I found out yesterday with a buddy's M-Audio fast track usb 2 that audio output from the card was a little better and I could drop the dry slider a little and still ear enough to play without going by my Tapco mixer.

    The hiss is still there sometimes but it's better. I'll probably go today and try to find the MOTU Ultralite MK3 yesssss.

    Thank you Jeff for your support, I'll probably try the Ultralite soon and if not enough output, will go for an amp. Problem is 1) I split my mini studio with a home office about 10 X 10 not much space. 2) The wife ! haha I'll probably get the ''LOOK'' again lol



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    Re: Help Needed, Problem with ???

    Problem50% solved with the new MOTU Ultralite MK3, yessssssss
    more output power and better overhaul performance, but the sound at release is still there...

    Thanks for helping me out


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    Re: Help Needed, Problem with ???

    Glad to hear the new MOTU Ultralite is working out well. I'll be revisiting the releases in a bit, but for now I'd suggest updating to v1.03 of the Steinway, which among other things let's you change the volume of release samples via mod wheel. v1.03 is official now, and it's the same as the release candidate I posted here late last week (at http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=65281). I believe it's up on the garritan.biz site, but if it's not accessible yet it's still there on my site for a few days.

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    Re: Help Needed, Problem with ???

    It's great that everyone on this thread has had Jeff Hurchalla, The Man himself, answering and guiding things along. Very helpful.

    I'm just here to say I am So grateful I never had these kind of problems when playing The Steinway - This hissing problem? Never.

    It's great the library receives updates and just keeps getting better, but for me, it's worked superbly since day one of using it.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Help Needed, Problem with ???

    Thanks again to you all for your help, great support

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