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Topic: Can't Find GPO Studio in my menu

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    Can't Find GPO Studio in my menu

    Hi, a friend of mine sold me the GPO 4 cd's box a week ago, since he used to work in it a gave me excellent reviews I decided to give it a try. The problem is that after made the full instalation and the registering process, I can't find the GPO Studio application, just GPO with the kontak player but it doesn't work when trying to work with Overture (included on the software) as the manuals show on the support page. Does anybody knows what can I be doing wrong? I already tried to uninstall and reinstall full, with the same results.

    Thank You.

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    Re: Can't Find GPO Studio in my menu

    Hi, Marato - The problem is you are trying to work with old, out-dated versions of everyhing which are no longer supported. You don't need the old Studio - Ah, except you're trying to use that light version of Overture that used to come with GPO. It really isn't worth trying to use that, in my opinion. Far too limiting, clumsy to use - Now there could be an Overture user here who has a more current version who could help you out, but I am sure their first piece of advice would be to upgrade (pay for) Overture.

    You hopefully will be able to upgrade your out-of-date GPO at the Native Instrument site, but it will involve using your friend's email info. You must upgrade to Kontakt Player 2. What you're seeing is the out-moded KP1.

    It's a big can of worms here - the main problem is everything you have needs upgrading.

    Randy B.

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