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Topic: need help setting up my laptop as a sample player

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    need help setting up my laptop as a sample player

    I have a toshiba laptop I want to set up basically as a sample player. I will never record on it so all I am going to need is a card with two analog outs. Im sure a lot of you guys are using laptops for this purpose and though this would be the best place to get some help. I will be using it live and in the studio. I just tried it with a m audio profire but I am getting a lot of latency. I want to get a basic card with 2 audio outs and midi. I have gvi and it seems when I run it through Sonar I get more latency than when I run a stand alone program Here is what I have

    Toshiba laptop, AMD X2 64 with 4 gigs of memory
    1 what is the best sample rate to use 44.1 or 48
    2 I am looking for a good basic card. I dont think the indigo card will work with mine. I been looking at the new echo card. Ive heard a lot of good things about it.
    3 do i need to go fire wire or USB I have a express card with two ports if I need to go fire wire
    4 same question with a hard drive
    Ill never be recording on it although it would be nice to be able to mix
    I guess what I need is suggestion on mainly a sound card and then a hard drive and what sample rate to use it at and any other tips anyone would want to offer,

    I am running vista with the new service pack. I have the same thing on my recording computer in my studio and its working great thanks in advance.

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    Re: need help setting up my laptop as a sample player

    Hi Jeff,

    Since no one has responded, I'll throw out some suggestions:

    1) I don't think it matters all that much, but 48 if you need it.
    2) Try the 1616m from EMU.
    3) It uses a PCMCIA slot.
    4) Firewire if you have it.

    I don't necessarily recommend Vista. Either OSX or XP will give more predictable results.

    Hope that helps.

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