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Topic: Discuss: Technology & Music 10 years from Now

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    Discuss: Technology & Music 10 years from Now

    The video below shows what Microsoft thinks how the world may function a decade from now, in 2019.

    While the products and uses in this video are concepts, it looks like this is where technology is headed. And it show also that Microsoft clearly has a vision for the next decade.

    Extending this concepts and visions further, I wonder what music production will be like. Will there be newfangled long displays that double as instruments? Certainly mixing and DAW work will be revolutionized.

    What is your vision for the direction of music technology?

    Here is the full five minute video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvtxupQmRSA

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    Re: Discuss: Technology & Music 10 years from Now

    Rather than scripting, since computing power (RAM and polyphony) and bandwidth will be meaningless limitations (given today's technology) in ten years, how about downloadable player profiles? You could have a Yo-Yo Ma profile to play that fully modelled cello. You could have Randy Brecker playing that modelled trumpet. It would be a whole new revenue stream for artists. Actually, you could have Randy's profile playing a model of his trumpet and mouthpiece. Talk about Garritan's PERSONAL Orchestra!
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