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Topic: For the record - Challenge 19

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    For the record - Challenge 19

    Sean's Orchestration Challenge over in General Discussion has had waning participation, both from people entering their pieces and from people taking a little time to listen.

    So, there are probably people here who haven't heard the 5 versions of Daniel B's theme - you can catch them all:


    And as it turned out, my entry was the "winner" as we say. It was fun to work with Daniel's quirky time sig changes and his theme. My version is:


    NOW, Challenge 20 is in progress. I've posted a short and simple Motif in several different time sigs to pick and choose from, and asked for these entries to be simplified so the contest won't drag on as long as the last time, and so that it's more practical for more people to join in. Info on all that is to be found:


    Making music, it's what this Forum is all about!

    Randy B.

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    Re: For the record - Challenge 19


    I don't usually take the time to try to compose for these challanges but I do try to vote. I think that I missed this one completely.

    This seems like it was a fun theme to work with and since I have only listened to yours so far, I can't honestly say that yours was the best, but my guess is that it probably was.

    Very nice Piece

    Well done and Congratulations.

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: For the record - Challenge 19

    Congratulations to all five participants in this round of the Challenge!
    There are great ideas and efforts in all of these.
    I'm going to have to pay more attention to these Challenges myself and encourage our membership to do the same. John

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    Re: For the record - Challenge 19

    Ah, good - I had the feeling that even some regulars here at the Forum hadn't noticed Challenge 19. It started back in October maybe? The thread would get boosted in General Discussion and quickly sink again without much notice.

    Even with a busy schedule, I found it a pleasure to put aside just a small amount of time on several evenings to work with Daniel's theme. I'm glad I did, it was great fun.

    So, glad I brought it all to your attention, Ron and John.

    Everyone, follow the link in my first post here to catch the other entries. Rusty Crook's #4 entry was neck-in-neck with mine throughout the voting, and is an excellent movie score kind of production, extremely well done. All of the entries show musical ingenuity.

    These community musical events like the Challenge are something we can all get more involved in - Having participated quite a few times now, I can tell you it's very rewarding.

    Thanks, guys.

    Randy B.

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