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Topic: rmx 1.7 and tempo sync issues

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    rmx 1.7 and tempo sync issues


    first off i just want to thank spectrasonics for this amazing update to rmx.
    my question - whenever i drag a midi file from rmx into my nuendo project, the nuendo project tempo changes to match the rmx loop tempo, not the other way around as usual - i'm on kind of a tight schedule here and skimming the manual hasn't helped - anyone know how to disable this feature? It's kind of messed up my work flow...

    thanks for any hints!

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    Re: rmx 1.7 and tempo sync issues

    See "Cubase Drag & Drop with Stylus RMX" in the FAQs at support.spectrasonics.net. It almost certainly applies to Nuendo as well.

    - Glenn

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    Re: rmx 1.7 and tempo sync issues

    thanks, that sorted it out - it had never happened before though, is this specific to 1.7? anyway it's working again and so am I!

    thanks for the speedy response

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