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Topic: Strange RMX 1.7 Behavior

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    Strange RMX 1.7 Behavior

    I really haven't played around very much but for the first time using rmx loops on different parts are not syncing properly.
    Rmx is in slice menu set to "next beat".
    Without turning on the time designer I play a loop in part 1. Then while it's playing I'll play another loop in part 2. Right away something sounds wrong. If I solo one of parts it's not looping properly. Sounds like it's missing a slice or two. If I drag the midi file to my host (Cubase 4.1.3) all is perfect. The problem only exists in audition mode in rmx.
    The problem is intermittent. I can't reproduce it yet by doing anything in particular.
    I'm curious if it's just me.

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    Re: Strange RMX 1.7 Behavior

    Well, I found one way to reproduce the problem:
    If I set the trigger mode to "next bar" loops will not sync within rmx anymore.
    If I then return it to "next beat" the problem still remains.
    If I set the trigger mode to "next sixteenth" the problem is solved.
    Now, I never use "next bar" always "next beat" and you could say keep it on "next beat" but the problem has arisen without changing the trigger mode.

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    Re: Strange RMX 1.7 Behavior

    It works fine here in cubase 4.1.3, but if you believe you've found a problem, please send the details to tech support (http://www.spectrasonics.net) and we'll look into it. Thanks.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Strange RMX 1.7 Behavior

    More odd behavior:

    Cannot rename in the edit suite.
    Double clicking on a loop only plays the loop for a sec and then stops.
    Double clicking on "Untitled User Group Menu" name does nothing.

    Installed on a second machine using VStack and renaming works.

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