I am currently having a look at the Synful demo.

I am trying to find out what limitations people have found after having used it for months/years in their workflow.

What do you think of it?

The context of my question can be seen below in my reasons for evaluating it:

I was thinking of using it in a sketchbook type way, to just create the orchestral midi data. Then in the future (if the sound would be improved enough), I can run the midi through my VSL SE or EWQLSO Gold.

I don't want to get bogged down in TOO much programming detail at the same time as being creative.

I want to be able to use an orchestral VSTi without maxing out my CPU/RAM (I can't afford to upgrade my P4 yet).

For me, to some extent the sound quality is no so important, as long as it is good enough.

I am nervous about paying the very high price, but as long as the company is stable and here to stay, it might be just what I need.