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Topic: De-Falla

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    ..before the Steinway update

    Fantasia Baetica

    ..after the Steinway update

    Fantasia Baetica (updated Steinway)

    No alterations done, just that file as already present in Sonar, but now with the new updated Steinway. IT IS GREAT!!!! Thanks, Jeff.


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    Re: De-Falla

    Hi, Raymond

    That's quite a piece! Exciting, frantic, ultimately a bit wearying it's so relentless, but impressive.

    I'd like to hear you talk about what you feel are the primary differences between the two recordings. I heard less, and therefore more acceptable, amount of reverb on the second version. I listened back and forth between the two files, and otherwise felt I must not be catching what the other subtle differences may be. Please tell us what you think are the outstanding improvements.

    Is this test done with a MIDI file you found online, or did you perform or input this?

    Randy B.

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    Re: De-Falla

    The making of this

    1. Overture with the score I'd put in note by note.
    2. Midi exported
    3. Sonar 5 with the older "Steinway"
    4. Rendered this piece
    5. Updated the Steinway with the corrected version by Jeff H.
    6. Took that same Sonar project- and midi file but changed to the new instrument
    7. Rendered again with Sonar 5, no alterations made.

    My findings are

    1. no hisses in pedalling
    2. better velocity handling
    3. less intonation differences for certain notes with high velocity
    4. more sparkling, brighter sounds

    I also tested this with another midi file and I must say that the muffled lower sounds are mostly gone because of the better velocity handling without intonation errors.


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    Re: De-Falla

    Excellent, thanks for the details, Raymond.

    Currently I've been listening to posts on my laptop through its built-in speakers, and subtle things in a recording tend to get lost. I'm sure the upgraded Steinway is bringing you and other folks more pleasure--Great!


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    Re: De-Falla

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    Currently I've been listening to posts on my laptop through its built-in speakers, and subtle things in a recording tend to get lost.
    Shame on you, Randy. Listening to great music demands greater speakers


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    Re: De-Falla

    Well, Raymond - I tried to get my laptop fixed up with an audio interface so I can pipe the sound out through my amplifier and the speakers I usually use.

    BUT --the shame is on the manufacturer of the audio unit, which shall remain nameless, because there was exactly no improvement between the new interface and trying to use the built-in sound port from the laptop. I get intolerable digital whine either way. SO, my only choice is to listen through these laptop speakers. At least I can do that.

    Randy B.

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    Re: De-Falla


    You must really love a piece of music to enter it note by note.

    Gotta love the Steinway.

    Sounds Great

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: De-Falla

    Ron, yes it was some job. I did this also for testing purposes how far I could go in Overture. Overture failed at various spots, so I had some tweaking to do in Sonar. Look at the score at the IMSLP site and see why I lost so many weight, hair.....


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    Re: De-Falla

    A wonderful presentation and boy does the update sound clear. Masterful engineering, Raymond. I am a big fan of De Falla also.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: De-Falla


    This was quite the demonstration. it was interesting to switch back and forth between the two files as they played.

    I noticed the biggest difference in the upper registrar. More clarity and crispness. The verb settings could be a slight factor but there is a difference in quality for sure.


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