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Topic: We solved the sostenuto pedal issue...

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    Re: We solved the sostenuto pedal issue...

    Well done Michiel.

    Now there\'s no problem for all the afficionados out there, and of course it will work with any library

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    We solved the sostenuto pedal issue...

    It took us some time but we came up with the perfect solution to get a SOSTENUTO pedal working for giga piano\'s. First I was thinking the problem over and was searching in the software area, but could not get the sostenuto behavior working. Then I realized the only way to achieve this is by building a hardware solution. We designed a hardware box with midi logic. When you press the pedal the box scans for keys that are in the down position and holds these while all new played notes are behaving normally. When the pedal is released the notes that are \'on hold\' are released. Simple. You need an extra pedal and our box that will be connected between the master keyboard and the midi interface you are using. We\'ll start sales later this year (give us a month for the production). Price will be somewhere between $50 and $75. I would advise to buy a two pedal solution (like the Fatar series) where one pedal is the sustain pedal (connected to the master keyboard sustain input) and the other is connected to our box.
    Anyone interested, drop us an e-mail at:

    Michiel Post

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    Re: We solved the sostenuto pedal issue...

    Michiel, you are still working on that new Steinway sample, right?? Any news?? OR maybe a URL that would keep us up to date?

    John GRANt

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    Re: We solved the sostenuto pedal issue...

    Just notice the previous post (no pun intended). Yup, sounds REAL good! I like the ring at the bass end, which, if I\'m not mistaken, was an element of the BETA version of an earlier (aborted?) work. Now I\'m listening to the treble (second half of the demo). It also has that characteristic Steinway ring. Exactly right. I wonder if it\'s possible to get velocities in the very quiet range (1-10) to sound equally soft at each velocity? The Steinway B doesn\'t at vels of 1 to 3, which makes even playing at this very quiet level impossible.

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    Re: We solved the sostenuto pedal issue...

    [This message has been edited by Michiel Post (edited 01-09-2002).]

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    Re: We solved the sostenuto pedal issue...

    Hi John,
    To answer both questions: This library is a totally new project, not related to the first Steinway D library called PostPianoSuite vol 1 I made. It\'s a little larger in size (5.1 GB) and has more layers.

    We recorded both PPP, PP and P. When you play a melody at an even velocity the result is a totally even response. In fact we spend a lot of attention to the issue Velocity versus amplitude and velocity versus sample layer. The topic is very complicated and how a piano sample behaves depends also on your typical setup (midi controller, playing style, the force you have, and believe it or not on the monitors you use to listen to the result while playing).
    Hope we have the library on the market in February.
    Michiel Post

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