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Topic: GPO-KP1 sounds better than K3

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    GPO-KP1 sounds better than K3

    I've not updated to Kontakt Player

    I'd like to use GPO in Kontakt 3 (I want to alter KeySwitches)- but I've noticed that the library sounds better in the original Kontakt Player - especially instruments like Solo Violin - the trill mode where when you play the same note rapidly the original KP plays a pretty convincing trill. In K2 or K3 the release of the higher note hangs over and destroys the effect.

    Is there a tweak in K3 I can do to make this sound like KP1? Or:
    Can I change the KeySwitches in KP2?

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    Re: GPO-KP1 sounds better than K3

    Hi RW,
    pretty soon GPO will be available with Garritan's new ARIA player,
    and everything will work so much nicer.

    As far as K3 goes, I have no reason to "UP" grade.

    My upgrade will be saying "so long sad song KP!"

    Hello ARIA!

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    Re: GPO-KP1 sounds better than K3

    I'm looking forward to Aria- for sure, but I'd need to be able to reassign the keyswitches. Any word on whether that will be possible?

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    Re: GPO-KP1 sounds better than K3

    that's a question I don't know how to answer

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    Re: GPO-KP1 sounds better than K3

    K3 has a control to adjust the release.
    Click on the wrench icon in the upper left section of the GPO instrument.
    Maybe that will help.

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