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Topic: How do I use audio from mic and game on fraps?

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    Question How do I use audio from mic and game on fraps?

    I want to record my flight simulator x game but I want my mic AND the game audio, but it only records either "Detect best sound input (audio)" "Use Windows input (mic)" how do I use both?

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    Re: How do I use audio from mic and game on fraps?

    If you have a sound card capable of recording a 'what you hear' - most internal sound cards will have this under the Recording options in Volume Control

    A Generic or SB card will work best - but I've managed to do it through clever assignment of outputs from my Delta 66 card too.

    Generic Card:
    Open your volume playback control box

    Under menu Options select Properties

    Select Recording
    Check "WHAT YOU HEAR" or "STEREO OUTPUT" should be the all sounds combined volume. This will be named differently for different sound cards. SOME sound cards don't even have this functionality.

    If you start your recording tool, and game you should be able to speak in the mic and play the game at the same time.

    If the game specifically uses the mic you'll have a problem as it will lock the input on the mic.
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