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Topic: My Chris Hein Horns piece

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    My Chris Hein Horns piece

    I recently composed a short Latin song called Fuego e Hielo. Chris liked it and put it up as a demo on his site. Hope you all will check it out.


    On the demo player, choose Vol2, then Latin.

    I used 2 trumpets, 2 altos, 2 tenors, a bari, 2 tenor bones and 1 bass bone. All horns are CHH. All horns were the solo versions in Vol 2.

    Piano is K2 steinway, bass is old ESX24 finger bass, drums are Addictive Drums and perc is RMX and DFH percussion.


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    Wink Re: My Chris Hein Horns piece

    Thanks! I've been pretty knocked out with this library so far.

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