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Topic: Garritan Orchestra, Midi keyboard, Notation Programs

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    Smile Garritan Orchestra, Midi keyboard, Notation Programs

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm interested in getting some suggestions or opinions about using Garritan Orchestra with a midi keyboard.

    As a guitar player, is a midi keyboard totally necessary? (I've also heard about other midi guitars, ztar, etc.)
    Does anybody here not use a midi keyboard and do you have samples?

    Can I just have Garritan play what's in the notation program and adjust the articulations, etc. ?

    I'm just getting started with using virtual instruments so any feedback or suggestions would be really helpful.

    Thanks, have a nice day


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    Re: Garritan Orchestra, Midi keyboard, Notation Programs

    Hi Leon,

    Welcome to the forum. No, a midi keyboard is not totally necessary. I have a midi controller, but since I'm such a poor keyboard player, I only use it maybe 10% of the time. I normally just enter my notes into my notation program with the computer keyboard and that works quite well for me. I adjust the dynamics, articulations, slurs, hairpins in Finale and playback from there. If I need to tweak further, then I export the midi file from Finale into a sequencer and use those tools to refine my performance.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Garritan Orchestra, Midi keyboard, Notation Programs

    Hi Leon,

    Welcome. I agree with Jeff 100% - you do not need a midi controller to get the most out of GPO (or any other VST). This holds especially true if you're a crummy keyboard player. Sibelius and Finale have become extremely adept at imparting good playback control to GPO, like Jeff mentions, and they create an excellent jump-off point for further tweaking in a sequencer.

    As for samples of what is done with GPO sans keyboard, check out the listening room posts. Many, many users who post works use Sib or Finale's render exclusively and will mention it in the descriptions of their pieces.


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    Re: Garritan Orchestra, Midi keyboard, Notation Programs

    I've written 60-odd pieces in Finale, and about 80% of the time I use one of the entry methods within Finale rather than using my MIDI keyboard. I would miss my MIDI keyboard if I didn't have it, no doubt, but mostly because it helps me enter things faster, not because it makes the finished product any better. If you don't have decent keyboard skills, you can absolutely get along without it.


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    Re: Garritan Orchestra, Midi keyboard, Notation Programs

    Thanks so much for your feedback and reassurance!

    I've heard a lot of people promote the midi keyboard with these programs that I wasn't really sure how necessary it was to use and mainly I was thinking about articulations.

    I've also heard a bit about midi guitars but that they are much more difficult to use.

    I guess I could just enter the notes the way I've been doing.

    Thanks, take care


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