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Topic: Omnisphere: User patches gone

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    Omnisphere: User patches gone

    Hi there. I'm running Win XP and Cubase 4. I just installed an additional harddrive in my computer and moved my Omnisphere library onto this new one. Like you're supposed to, I also changed the STEAM shortcut in the Spectrasonics folder on my system drive (c to have it point to the new drive.
    But now the Omnisphere browser won't show my user patches anymore. Only the factory ones. I can perfectly save patches, but there's no way to load them back again. I used to be able to select "User Patches" in the Directory menu of the patch browser and have all of my own ones listed, but it isn't there anymore (It only shows All, A Taste of Omnisphere, Atmosphere Library and Omnispere Library). I've tried reinstalling all of the latest updates, as well as changing all possible STEAM paths in the system registry into the new path, but no luck. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Omnisphere: User patches gone

    Contact tech support (http://support.spectrasonics.net) and they'll help you out with that.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Omnisphere: User patches gone

    No reply from tech support yet regarding this I really need to have this solved asap.. Anyone else here that has an answer?

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