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Topic: Vocal Tools | Native Voice

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    Thumbs up Vocal Tools | Native Voice

    Produced by Rishabh Rajan and Francis Belardino of Bela D Media

    In following of the Vocal Tools series, Bela D Media introduces Native Voice. Providing the composer with a commanding and evocative tone, each soloist sings with an indigenous tongue. Native Voice consists of four individual female vocalists.


    For the reason that ongoing Vocal Tools Classical Edition (Tenor and Soprano) is chromatically sampled and not phrases in the traditional sense, you have the ability to compose lyrical vocal lines in the key and tempo of your choosing as a multi array of vocal elements (vee chay nah tus, etc) is strung together with a powerful and real-time legato.

    But what can be done with the conventional phrase?

    Welcome to Vocal Tools Phrase Control!

    VTPC is a sophisticated power tool that will unleash your creative genius. Once again, Bela D Media offers a new and exciting level when working with the sampled voice. With this insightful and user friendly script, the user has ground breaking control.

    . Juke box style phrase sequencing via multi list drop down menu. Phrase abbreviations and vocal keys are clearly listed.

    . Real-time advanced sample offset for linear phrase manipulation accuracy.

    . Real-time mod control of vocal speed/tempo.

    . Assignable MIDI CC control of vocal attack, release and more.

    . Multi verse creation banks captured and stored via key switches for convenient call back.

    . Breath samples with command of random occurrence and mix volume.

    . Select the provided IRF, NI reverb or studio dry all within the scripted environment.

    . Much more

    Sampling Format
    Compatible with the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 2.2.4 and Kontakt 3

    Audio Format
    24 bit/44.1Khz

    Release Date

    Though there a phrases sung in many keys, Native Voice is not chromatic like the Tenor/Soprano.

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    Re: Vocal Tools | Native Voice

    Yet another stunning vocal library from you Frank! It sounds fantastic and I look forward to it's release.

    I hope are well.


    And now also at Flickr!



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    Re: Vocal Tools | Native Voice

    WOW! I want it!

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    Re: Vocal Tools | Native Voice

    Good lord, that sounds great!
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    Re: Vocal Tools | Native Voice

    Awesome Frank! Looking forward to its release

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    Re: Vocal Tools | Native Voice

    Sounds incredible and truly inspiring! Kontakt 2.5? Is there a such update?

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    Re: Vocal Tools | Native Voice

    Norwegian? NORWEGIAN? lol. this is gonna be fun...

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    Re: Vocal Tools | Native Voice

    Yes, norwegian. They sound like swedes but happier.

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    Re: Vocal Tools | Native Voice

    aha, well lemme be the one to say : we are not :P

    But anyway...the swedes wouldnt be suitable for sampling, having ABBA and Max martin as sampled products wouldnt be quite the same i suspect

    Kewl, im gonna grab this one when its out.

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    Re: Vocal Tools | Native Voice

    Quote Originally Posted by Giannis View Post
    Sounds incredible and truly inspiring! Kontakt 2.5? Is there a such update?
    Sorry. That was a type o. We will fix that now. Kontakt 2.2.4 or Kontakt 3. Thank you for the kind words about Native Voice!
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