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Topic: Steinway and Finale 2009

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    Question Steinway and Finale 2009

    I just downloaded and installed Steinway Basic and plan to use it as a VST through Finale 2009. I also have GPO which I have been using through Finale for a couple of years now. I have found and copied the "SteinwayVST_x86.dll" file to the FinaleVST folder but, and here is the question, is there a definition text file to go along with the .dll file as there is for GPO (gpofullinstrument.txt) so that Finale will recognize Steinway during the Setup Wizard? I have found that I can access, setup, and utilize the Steinway once I have a project started but it would be more convenient to be able to do it during the initial Setup Wizard with all of the other instruments.

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    Re: Steinway and Finale 2009

    I don't use Finale (I have Sibelius) but I believe you have to go one more step and "install" the plug-in. Now all this means is that Finale must have a menu selection that allows you to tell it to scan for new VST plug-ins. It should be as simple as finding that menu item and telling Finale to scan for additional plug-ins.

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    Re: Steinway and Finale 2009

    Thanks, I will try that.

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    Re: Steinway and Finale 2009

    I don't think there is anything you can do to make the Steinway show up in the Setup wizard...apart from trying to create your own text file. I know there are pre-made text files available for the full GPO, JABB, and CMB. Once you put them in your FinaleVST folder they should then show up in Finale's Setup Wizard.

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    Re: Steinway and Finale 2009

    This is a quote from the MakeMusic knowledge base. The implication is that it should be an instrument available to load into Finale's Aria player and not a separate player or instrument in the drop-down menu.

    At this time, the Aria Player included with Finale 2009 supports the Garritan Instruments for Finale 2009 and Steinway Virtual Concert Grand (sold separately) libraries only.
    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Steinway and Finale 2009

    Hi, The Garritan Authorized Steinway and the Garritan Instruments for Finale 2009 both use the Aria interface. When you added the Basic Steinway to your computer, it should now show up in both the standalone Aria interface (Instruments for Finale 2009), and in Finale as part of the Garritan Instruments for Finale 2009. I can use the Setup Wizard, and select "Instruments for Finale 2009" in the instrument set, and "Steinway Piano" will be listed in the "keyboards" section. If I highlight it in the middle box and then click on "add" it will be loaded as the piano in my score.
    Once your score is showing onscreen, you can go to"MIDI/Audio>Instrument Setup>VST Instruments" , make sure "Instruments for Finale" is showing in the box and click on "edit". The Aria interface will then appear and when you click in an "empty" slot the Steinway banks will be listed at the bottom, and whatever perspectives you have will show in a dropdown menu. I have the pro version with the choice of five perspectives.

    I hope this clarifies and explains that you can use the Setup Wizard to access the Steinway Piano. Regards, John

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