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Topic: Sketch to a video-project

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    Sketch to a video-project

    After having stopped composing for quite a long time, I took on the opportunity to score one of my teachers’ (I’m an art student) upcoming video-project which truly infected me with a creative fever. It’s going to be a multi screen installation in which six different short films are running simultaneously. One of them shows a frozen moment after a car crash. So after a short conversation I wrote down the sketch in few hours to show him my musical ideas of that scene. I’m quite happy that he really liked it.

    So here is the sketch. I hope you enjoy it! As usual I’m looking forward to your feedback!

    PS: All instruments are from GPO and JABB except the glass harmonica, this one is a freeware instrument I found on the internet

    All the best: JAN


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    Re: Sketch to a video-project

    Hi, Jan

    What an interesting project for you - And what I heard was very atmospheric and effective. Thanks for describing the installation this will be the sound track for. It's difficult to get the whole effect without the visuals it's intended for, but I find your work here very impressive - certainly sounds like more than just a "sketch."

    By the way, do you know GPO has a Glass Armonica listed under keyboards? I've used it before, and think it sounds great.

    Thanks for the plunks and brassy farts--lol--a bit evocative of experimental music from decades past, but I really enjoyed it.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Sketch to a video-project

    Hi - too bad you do not have a video of the video! Seriously, it would be great. I must say though, the music is very good by itself. A must for a good film score.

    So, we will be hearing more from you from now on ... right? Sometimes creative people stop doing one thing (like making music) but start doing something else different but creative and it fills the void. Its when you don't do anything creative, that is when the trouble begins! Joni Mitchell said once that she went in cycles with her music and her painting. She would get tired of her music and turn to painting (for 1-2 years) and then back to music.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: Sketch to a video-project


    This music sets the mood well for a car crash still frame.

    The piece is put together in a flowing manner and is expertly rendered.

    Very nice

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Sketch to a video-project

    @ Everyone
    Thank you very much!
    I’m very happy you like the music

    @Randy B.
    Yes, I do know the glass harmonica in GPO but I doesn’t give me the sound I have in my mind. Thus; This freeware VST is based up on wine glasses, so it has a different colour.

    @ Del
    Well of course it’s not that bad! I don’t have to pause composition for 1-2 years, but sometimes I get a little bit schizophrenic because I paint and draw while I’m at school and switch to music when I’m home. And because of that I sometimes get fed up with doing creative things in my free time and just want to watch stupid television shows such as “Germany’s Next Top Model” (the German equivalent to America’s Next Top Model) .
    To answer your question: Yes, since this project came to me, I will compose much more! But you have to wait until summer to hear the final version of this music.

    All the best JAN

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