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Topic: 'Northern Twilight' | a bit of advice very welcome..

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    'Northern Twilight' | a bit of advice very welcome..

    Hello again!
    I'm back here with something that I dare not call 'complete' - not yet, anyway. What you'll hear is an idea that started out as a simple harmonic progression and a very subtle melody line. For weeks and weeks, it just lingered on in my mind and I didn't know what I wanted to do with it - and I still don't. My possible variants were:

    a) a choral work for SATB
    b) a classical song to be accompanied by piano (I'm studying to become a tenor in music school, so if I did that, I'd be able to sing it myself, because that's what I do most often at school - sing together with a pianist accompanying me..)
    c) something for strings (that's because.. when I was playing around with the instruments in KontaktPlayer, I found out it sounds so rich with these instruments and I liked it a lot)
    d) (a full orchestral piece?)

    So, here's the 'piece' itself: Northern Twilight

    Right now the mp3 version is using a blend of the GPO strings and choir samples with quite a lot of reverb added to them, but that doesn't really matter. What I'm asking you is.. what do you think the final version should aim towards (from the choices I gave above)? And of course, general opinions are also appreciated. Enjoy!
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    Re: 'Northern Twilight' | a bit of advice very welcome..


    First of all, this is lovely music!

    As to the choices...

    I would rule out option 'b'. I don't think it suits this genre.

    I would suggest a mixture of 'c' and 'a', but not together. A strings part followed by a choral part and so on... that's how I can hear it.

    Any way you choose, I wish you success!


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    Re: 'Northern Twilight' | a bit of advice very welcome..

    Moving. Beautiful.

    SATB voices with a tenor soloist accompanied by a small string orchestra, two violins, two violas, two cellos, one bass.

    In other words, a cantata.

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    Re: 'Northern Twilight' | a bit of advice very welcome..

    Hi Brindle,

    Your track is very enjoyable to listen to and has many directions it could go.

    Since I am a BIG fan of a large full sound (a wall of sound) I would like to hear it as a full orchestral piece, so I'm going with choice (D). ....but what ever you choose I would like to hear the finished version.
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    Re: 'Northern Twilight' | a bit of advice very welcome..


    This is a lovely piece.

    I would vote for either C or D.

    Years ago I was off the coast of Estonia but never set foot on the land. I can see why you Titled this piece as you did.

    Nicely done

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