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Topic: Help with Solo Strings

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    Help with Solo Strings

    Ive recently installed DD Solo Strings and also have loaded the updates for all instruments.
    What am I missing. I cant figure out how to play a note with any velocity variation. Each note I hit plays back with the same intensity no matter how I strike the key.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Help with Solo Strings

    take a look at the Xsample Solo Strings:
    Vol. 5, Vol. 10 & Vol. 11, great variety of playing styles, many velocities...



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    Re: Help with Solo Strings

    Hans-Josef: Xsample 10,11 are non-vibrato, it\'s a pity! I think they would be the best if they are vibrato! The only cello vibrato from older volume is great, but the sound of 10,11 is.. maybe a bit strange (good, but vibrato is vibrato)

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    Re: Help with Solo Strings

    Thanks, Dis!

    you may have just sold a sample set for Hans! I need non-vibrato solo violin. (Please, mother, I\'d rather do it myself!)

    Vibrato is (or, IMHO, should be) dependent on tempo. Sampled vibrato doesn\'t give you that choice.


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    Re: Help with Solo Strings

    Yah but LFO vibrato\'s sound like poo poo

    Best solution is to have both

    Plus you can time stretch samples with vibrato to get slower vibrato that still sounds natural.

    And with the time stretching tools out there now its quite possible to get good results. I\'ve had some great results just fooling around with the demo of Melodyne (this is the way to go, IMHO for tempo control of vibrato....too bad its yet ANOTHER step, in building a realistic sound). It however is NOT the way to go in terms of adding vibrato to a non vibrato sample.

    All that being said. The demo of the Xsample strings still blows me away.

    BTW, runamuck. I think the DDsolo strings are sampled at one velocity in the current version. There is a planned \"upgrade\" or \"version 2.0\" if you will. Its supposed to be sampled similar to the DD solo Woodwind and Solo brass. Which will be a good thing

    Also, Gary Garritan has a planned solo string library.

    None of this probably helps in ficing the \"problem\" you have tho ; Is it that the sounds all play at the same volume or that they jsut all play the same sample at different volumes? I dont have the library so I\'m not sure how its set up.
    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Help with Solo Strings

    we choosed non vibrato, because its much more flexible to use. Ok, you must work on the sound (with controllers).We hope that the LFO\'s in GigaStudio will be better in the future. We have very good vibrato results in our EMU-machine. The LFO\'s have random functions, you can add pink noise and you can change speed and others in realtime. If these things comes to GigaStudio a non vibrato set is the best choice.


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    Re: Help with Solo Strings

    runamuck: I know the problem you\'re talking about. It can be fixed this way:
    In GSEdit select the whole instrument (all regions) which doesn\'t respond to velocity, then go to \"Response\" tab, select \"Velocity response Curve\" as \"Nonlinear\", \"Release Velocity response Curve\" as \"Linear\", set both Dynamic ranges to the middle (just between high and low) and Release trigger decay one point from the middle to the left (fast). Then click on Apply response (all regions of instrument must be selected of course). That\'s all, then save and the next time when you load it, the instrument is normal velocity-responsive.

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    Re: Help with Solo Strings

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>
    Yah but LFO vibrato\'s sound like poo poo
    Best solution is to have both

    I agree that the best solution is to have both, but I don\'t use LFO for vibrato on a solo (except deliberately electronic patches).

    I usually play vibrato on solo instruments with the pitch controller, it\'s way more expressive and detailed.

    Another option I used to love back when an Arp 2600 was my primary synth: There was a small board (made by PAIA, I think) that incorporated one of those cheap \'synth oscillator\' chips designed for really bottom end system. I designed an LFO (simultaneous triangle, sine, saw, pulse outs) and attached it to the 2600 behind the panel. Two knobs-speed and \"pulse width\", except pulse width also skewed the other waves! Sine looked like an ocean wave, triangle/sawtooth with separate slopes. At around 6 Hz it made a gorgeous vibrato.


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    Re: Help with Solo Strings

    If you were to compare real vibrato to any MIDI controlled vibrato...expecially on a solo string....you would hear the poo poo difference

    even with random LFO (to pitch and volume) with speed and depth control, or real time pitch control.

    Wihtout comparing to a real vibrato sample, of course MIDI vibrato can pass, but vibrato is such an \"art\" in the realm of string playing. There are much more intimate details and nuances that occur that simple volume and pitch data can not recreate. On a wid instrument, depending on the instrument and samples...perhaps, String instrument I dont think I\'d ever be happy with non vibrato only...even if it does give me more flexibility in tempo/depth it will destroy the sample\'s character and remind me its fake. For short ending note vibrato, I could possibly live with it, but for sustaining vibrato? I might as well use my Roland Orchestral board

    No offense Hans, believe me I listened to all your new demos and I STILL want xsamples..in fact the whole set\'s moved up higher on my list, since I\'d be getting SO MANY instruments.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Help with Solo Strings

    King, that\'s what I said at the top of the post!

    I play vibrato with the pitch bender, or now on my Kurzweil 2500, with the ribbon controller. It\'s much more natural and expressive. If you use a Roland AX-1 and play it somewhat upright, the pitch ribbon is placed perfectly for string-style vibrato gestures. Feels very natural, and really works well, and sounds exactly like you want it to.

    I only use LFO vibrato for sounds that I WANT to sound electronic. My old Arp 2600 had a center-zero area in the pitch bend knob so you couldn\'t sweep it properly, so I used that LFO kludge.


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