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Topic: New Here, Curious About GPO Specs

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    New Here, Curious About GPO Specs

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum, just wondering if anyone can help me out.

    I'm looking to buy a laptop on which to run GPO through FL Studio/Sonar or whatever I like best after playing around with all the demos.

    The Garritan website says that a 2.4GHz or better processor is recommended to run GPO. However, that seems to be out of my price range. At the moment I have my eye on the following laptop...


    ... which only has a 2.16GHz processor.

    My question is: To what extent will this limit me?

    Also, I was concerned that I would not be able to run an orchestra of "wet" samples through FL/Sonar, but after doing a little reading it seems that a better option is to use the dry samples and add reverb using the effects on FL. Have I got that right? And will this approach be less taxing on the system?


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    Re: New Here, Curious About GPO Specs

    Hi Chris,

    You'll be 100% fine with that machine. The 2.4GHz rec is on a single core machine. The laptop you link to has a dual core processor. I'm running a dual core at 1.83GHz and have no troubles.

    Re: reverb: Yeah, that's right. Add reverb later. The latest version of GPO does not even have those wet samples, as they were intended for "audition purposes only" in the original incarnation. As you surmised, it can be less taxing on your system because you can assign several instruments to use the same reverb (e.g. all the strings), which means fewer reverbs for the computer to process.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: New Here, Curious About GPO Specs

    Edit: not 100% fine, more like 92%.

    You'll probably want to invest in a better sound card than the one that comes standard with that unit. The better sound card further improves the audio processing power and reduces the lag-time (latency) between you telling the computer to play notes and it processing the command.

    Thee inexpensive USB-powered sound units I would recommend looking into are the M-Audio Fast Track Pro, the EMU-0404USB, and the Presonus Audiobox.

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    Re: New Here, Curious About GPO Specs

    Thanks very much for your quick reply.

    Now that you've cleared up my processor worries I'd like to ask if the following laptop would be a better buy:


    It's processor seems to beat the other one on some attributes but not on others, which confuses me. What do all these numbers mean?? lol

    Thanks for the sound card advice too, that's something else I was wondering about. Will the sound also be dependent on the quality of the speakers?


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    Re: New Here, Curious About GPO Specs

    I just took a look at the sound cards you recommended, are these also the things you need in order to play a synth/keyboard into a PC?

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    Re: New Here, Curious About GPO Specs

    Hi, Chris - Reegs is doing his usual great job of helping with his tech tips.

    I'm looking through the Forum, and see your most recent question isn't answered yet - So I'll just say Yes, a MIDI/Audio interface is what you need to hook up a MIDI keyboard to a computer.

    Have fun choosing your gear and getting it set up.

    Randy B.

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    Re: New Here, Curious About GPO Specs

    For completeness I should add that a "MIDI interface" and "Audio interface" aren't always or necessarily the same thing, and you might want to check the box/website for any device closely to see if it's missing anything you feel you'll need. Personally I have an external sound module that I bought long before doing anything MIDI-related and a separate MIDI-USB converter to input data from my keyboards.

    (although I've long since given up on the latter and written it off in favor of just plotting all the note data with the mouse, but that's another story )

    -Chris P.
    There is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Therefore there must be a God. You either get this one or you don't - Kreeft & Tacelli
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    Re: New Here, Curious About GPO Specs

    Thanks Randy.

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    Re: New Here, Curious About GPO Specs

    Yeah, Chris, that's what I do to, I'm happy enough using the piano roll.

    One question you might be able to help me with though: Is it still possible to use all the GPO key switches etc. when just plotting notes straight into the piano roll?

    I'm talking about the kind of stuff demonstrated in this video:



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    Re: New Here, Curious About GPO Specs

    You're welcome, Chris - And now suspenlute has added good info that some external cards won't have both audio and MIDI interfaces built in to them. It's the most common configuration you'll find, since that's what most people need - a way to play a MIDI controller (keyboard being the most common) as well as a way to record digital audio from a microphone, guitar etc. Those kind of dual purpose units are very common to find, and pretty basic home studio gear.


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