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Topic: Midi learn issue on omnisphere...

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    Midi learn issue on omnisphere...

    Hi there,
    I tried to configurate my Korg49 controller to work with omnisphere.
    In the Korg its called scene for any kind of PlugIn or host you like to control. With the stylus it´s fairly easy, you go in the Utilities Menue --- Midi learn --- learn controller, you touch first the knob in stylus and afterwards the slider or knob on the Korg and its done. But what happened to the Midi learn --- learn controller feature in omnisphere? There are all kind of template features but no option for to learn single controllers.
    Any idea how to do it? Thanks, Michael.

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    Re: Midi learn issue on omnisphere...

    There is a complete description of midi learn in the "Automation and MIDI Learn" section of the reference guide. That has diagrams and explanations that are better than anything I could post in a message here, so I'd recommend reviewing that.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Midi learn issue on omnisphere...

    you are right. For some reason I do not have the same ref.guide in the PlugIn as online, though I downloaded and installed the newest software.
    It works fine now and I already created my own template.
    Thanks again, Michael.

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