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Topic: NI Service Center Install problem

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    NI Service Center Install problem

    Okay, so the brand new GPO I ordered arrived today.
    Popped DVD into my Mac, installed KP2... no probs.
    Installed NI Service center... nothing.
    Tried again. Got as far as select location - applications - will be installed in your applications folder - installing 100 some-odd items - ends.
    No Service Center folder exists on computer.
    Uninstalled EVERYTHING, ran install again. KP2, prompted to install NI Service Center...
    Service Center just doesn't exist for some reason on my computer. The Installer is there, but for some reason it aborts the install without finishing it, so the application isn't there. Whassup???

    I know I need to run Service Center in order to make GPO available in Logic Studio. Heck, I even read the "Installation" section of the GPO manual several times to be sure I was doing everything right. When I run Kontakt 2, no Help menu appears at the top bar, as I would expect. Splash screen - not quite sure what that is, but I've poked around at everything I can in the Kontakt player, and I see no way in there. I see no way to access Service Center, which kinda makes sense, since it doesn't appear to exist on my computer, even after running the NI Service Center Installer - multiple times, I'm afraid.

    Help, please! Thanks!!!!

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    Re: NI Service Center Install problem

    Hi, You might want to try downloaded the service center from NI directly, maybe something is wrong with the version on your disc. Here's a link:

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    Re: NI Service Center Install problem

    That did it, Big Ears!!! Thank you so much!

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