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Topic: Stylus 1.7 data zip file corrupt?

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    Stylus 1.7 data zip file corrupt?

    Help!, I can't get data installer files to unzip! In Vista when I choose extract all I get an error message: "that file already exists, choose another filename, skip, cancel, etc." I was able to unzip the 1.7 software installer files. Is there another way to get these files? I've tried unzipping to all different sorts of directories and even a thumb drive.

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    Re: Stylus 1.7 data zip file corrupt?

    fyi, there's no need to extract the files from the zip archive. Simply run the installer in the Windows folder inside the zip archive.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Stylus 1.7 data zip file corrupt?

    no way! should I have unzipped the software installer zip file? -and- do I need to delete the original .dll in my vst folder or will this one overwrite it? Thanks for the zippy response

    Edit- OK thanks Glenn, I did as you said and followed the instructions as per the Spectrasonics site and... I'm up and running ver 1.7! This thing's a beast! And I haven't even installed the five Xpander paks yet! Looks like I got alot of learning to do.

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