I am proud to announce the Two Steps From Hell newest OST - The Devil Wears Nada recorded by Capellen Orchestra early this year.

We used full-size symphony orchestra with latest recording technology (incl. real-time connection between the studio and composers over the internet). May you be interested to hear the results, please, follow the link to preview:

Capellen Music Production (CMP) is an industry recognized and highly renowned development and production company that offers comprehensive solutions for film and pop symphony related projects. It manages a variety of orchestras and choirs, renowned soloists, conductors, orchestrators, arrangers, composers and sound engineers, as well as utilizing the very latest sound and recording technologies.
Recent clients include: Warner Music, EMI Classic, Disney/Pixar, Maxis/Electronic Arts, Broadway Theatre, Garritan Corps., Magic Circle Music, Two Steps From Hell, Java Music Productions HK, among many others…