Well Hello again!

I have finished the 3rd movement of my first piano concerto!

Please take the time to listen to the 1st movement if you haven't already had the chance, and please let me know what you think!

1st movement thread:


I wrote this 3rd movement with great inspiration from discovering Rachmaninoff's piano concertos 2 & 3. I can honestly say that no other pieces of music have had such impact on me, and that I hold both of these concertos very close to my heart.

I cannot read music, and the following was composed completely by ear with me playing my midi keyboard and editing in Cubase Sx. I do not use a notation program.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this piece, and hope you enjoy listening to it!

Comments and constructive criticisms greatly appreciated!

Piano Concerto 1 Movement 3:


P.S. The second movement is completely finished in my head, and I cannot wait to get started in composing it.