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Topic: GPO v3 on Laptop

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    Unhappy GPO v3 on Laptop

    Hello all,

    I have just purchased GPO v3 and I want to use it on my laptop.

    Here are the specs

    Dell XPS M1530
    Intel Core Duo T8100 2.10 Ghz
    3GB Ram
    Vista Home Pre 32 Bit - Vista Rating 5.0
    168GB HD
    SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC

    I have installed it and added all the updates. When I use Kontakt 2 bundled when I hit a key on the keyboard I get a delay for the sound comes out. When the sound does come out It is distorted. I have tried ajusting the latency but it no avail. I have even tried it with Finale 2009 and it is still the same.

    I thought GPO would run on a laptop and this one is quite a good one. I would really love to get GPO to work on it. I will even consider changing the OS if I have to but only at a last resort.

    Any ideas anyone?

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    Re: GPO v3 on Laptop

    Hi Mik,

    That machine will be fine for music production. All you need is a prosumer or professional level sound card to augment the processing power. In the interest of cost, learning the ropes, and because they usually do the job more than adequately, I'd recommend starting with a prosumer level interface. These plug into a USB or firewire port and assume the position of sound card. They have special low-latency drivers designed for audio.

    Check out the M-Audio fast track pro USB, the Presonus Audiobox, the E-MU 0404USB, the Tascam US-144 or 122.


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    Re: GPO v3 on Laptop


    Reegs is right. Laptops often have consumer built-in soundcards which do not give good performance. There are good USB (or PMCIA if you have a slot) sound cards which which can give good results.



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    Re: GPO v3 on Laptop

    Thanks all for this...

    I have my eye on this

    http://www.dv247.com/invt/18561/ and wonder if it will do.

    Gary... I have instralled the GPO 3 on a Desktop and authorised it. I installed it on my Laptop and authorised it, found it did not work then uninstalled it. If I get a soundcard how do I stand with re-installing GPO 3 back on my laptop and authorising and taking off my desktop.

    Will I run into authorisation issues? I am a bit woried now that it will bounce me.


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    Re: GPO v3 on Laptop

    Hi, The device you linked to is pretty limiting as far as input and output options.
    It is nice and compact compared to some of the interfaces that were mentioned.
    I would recommend taking some time to find the best match for what you want to do with your system. If you want to input any data with a keyboard controller you will need a sound card/interface that has either USB or MIDI ins and outs. Check out the interfaces that Reegs recommended and you will see that they offer more possibilities.
    Also, you may have to disable the onboard soundcard on your laptop when you install an external soundcard/interface. That's what I have had to do with my system. Best of luck, John
    Oh, I don't think you will have any authorization problems. I have GPO running on two computers and the NI service center seems to be working pretty smoothly these days.

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    Re: GPO v3 on Laptop

    Although I'm not using it now I've got the Indigo DJ, and it works very well (PC) (. Low latency and decent drivers. The DJ has 4 outputs, where the IO has 2 ins/2 outs. It is compact, and you don't have to hang a USB cable off it

    I'm not a USB fan for audio interfaces - the BUS itself is kind of wacky IMHO. However, many USB audio devices also have MIDI support, which means one less device to carry.
    Pat Azzarello

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    Re: GPO v3 on Laptop

    Hello, beaumontm

    This issue of needing to bypass the sound cards on laptops is something most everyone faces. I went through it when I got my first laptop last year. Excellent specs with 4 gigs ram, etc. Love my laptop - but had to get a card for it so I could fulfill my dream of working on music when I'm on the go.

    I looked at the Echo Indigo also, and other similar devices - but as John "Big Ears" pointed out, those tiny plugins can be limiting in their connections. I couldn't imagine having to deal with teeeeny connections cobbled to the side of my laptop.

    So as Reegs said, you'll be happier with an out board box which can hook you up. I know Pat says he isn't a USB fan, and you'll find folks who will agree, but for me and many of us, USB connections for our studios - either in the home or on our mobiles, works just fine.

    With a box, you get plainly marked controls, full sized knobs to turn, and on the best units, plenty of connections. They are MIDI/Audio interfaces, so everything you need is on the one box. If you're recording a vocalist or acoustic instrument, the audio travels right on down the USB cord to the 'puter.

    There are a confusingly large number of very similar units made for the home studio and laptops, and they all do pretty much the same thing. Specs will vary of course.

    Here's the unit I ended up getting for the laptop and I love it:


    From my research, I found this one to be the best "bang for the buck" value. It was designed for the laptop market, with the unit being trim and small, can slide easily into my laptop bag.

    And Alesis is an American company - I feel that's another big plus on its side.


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