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Topic: Learn music and earn

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    Learn music and earn

    Hi, to all out there
    A drummer by profession, I am seeking some guidance in further developing my career. I have established myself well enough as a drummer and earn enough to fend for myself and pay my bills. What I need is some kind of publicity on the internet, wherein I can promote myself and get hired by other musician as well. How do I get to the next level? How do I go about this?

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    Re: Learn music and earn

    www.stevenixonmusic.net/careermentoring.cfm is the answer to your question. Steve Nixon is a well known music mentor and a famous musician in his own right. He has tips and advices of all sorts to help out aspiring pro musicians on this website. I recommend you drop Steve a line. I studied with him for 2 years and it really helped me!

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