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Topic: sample settings missing

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    sample settings missing

    Hi all, I'm using sonar 6hs with gpo 3.0 I attempted to load a flute 3 plr but it appeared for a split second but didn't load in to the sample list on kontakt player 2. The problem is the sound has loaded but not the settings. As samples load as midi omni the flute sounds on all midi channels recorded, which is 10 so far, but I can't alter the settings cos they're not there - just the sound. I've tried closing kontakt player and reopening the piece I'm recording but the flute sound is still there without the settings. I'd appreciate your help!

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    Re: sample settings missing

    Hi, You may have to delete the instance of the Kontakt Player from the file you have in Sonar. In the "View" menu at the top, click on "Synth Rack" and then when it appears, if you click on the box on the left with the Icon for the Kontakt player (to highlight or select it) then you can permanently delete it by clicking on the "X" up above. Of course, you will lose any other instruments that are also in this instance of the player. Then you can re-insert a new player and try the flute samples again. I hope this will help! John

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    Re: sample settings missing

    Hi bigears, many thanks for that tip, it has worked. I thought I might have to reload kontakt samples but wasn't sure how to delete from file. Fortunately I've got in the habit of naming the tracks according to the instrument assigned to it so it will be an easy job to replace samples.
    I'll try loading the flute first in case their is a problem with the sample.
    Very many thanks.

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