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Topic: RMX 1.7 with Time Designer

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    RMX 1.7 with Time Designer

    No question here, just a comment.
    Keep up the awesome updates.
    I watched the Time Designer tutorial and said, no way.

    I can't believe you can change the time signature as well as groove lock.
    I've already created several songs and i'm impressed, plus you just grew my library.

    I saw the new chorus affects you added too.

    I even have drum loops from a Sony CD i bought that I coverted to rex2 and imported them into Stylus RMX awhile back.

    I remembered some loops that I liked in classic rmx and wanted to use the imported drum loops with those classic loops but couldn't because they were just out of sync.
    Now, I can get them in sync with groove lock.


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    Re: RMX 1.7 with Time Designer

    Yes, those Spectrasonics guys and gals are awesome! Great job Eric and Team!
    San Diego, CA

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