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Topic: processor, overture and playback

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    processor, overture and playback

    Hi, I have a PC 2.2 ghz processor. I was wondering if this is okay or what limitation this might have in running GPO.

    Also, thanks for the info in my other post regarding notation software and Garritan. I've heard much about Finale and Sibelius, and have tried their free demo versions. I am interested in some opinions on Overture that comes with Garritan; how's the program, playback?

    Look forward to your feedback.


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    Re: processor, overture and playback

    Hello Leonid,

    You can find the recommended computer specs for running GPO in the FAQs using the following link (third FAQ down):


    Regarding the second part of your question, I use Finale so I can't offer any help with Overture. Here's hoping one of our Overture users replies.
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    Re: processor, overture and playback

    Good morning Leon(at least overhere),

    PC 2.2 Ghz doesn't say much. Memory RAM, how much? Windows optimized for music/audio processing? Fast HD's? Look on Internet to find out what you can do. Overture is rather good and the playback fits my needs (not all, but that is a question of memory management in Overture, which is ...uhuhuhuh... a bit poor considering using the KP2 player).

    But for the rest it is a good choice. I already owned GPO and later I purchased Overture, so I got it without any bundled GPO. I am using Sonar for the final sequencing.

    Playback, moderated well. But in your language there is some saying about proofing a pudding....... here is:

    The score unedited of the 4th part of my Symphony (pdf format)
    The MP3 as a result of the recorded playback

    This will NOT be the end result. Just presented as an example of playing back quality in Overture. In Overture you can edit almost everything in the CTRL-G window - see manual - but I prefer doing this in Sonar.


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    Re: processor, overture and playback


    I too use Overture4 and found it to be quite quick even on my older machine. But like Raymond says, you need RAM and lots of it. Even 2GB is almost too little. A good sound card with ASIO drivers is essential, I would say. I use both Overture and Finale and both have their good points. But Overture is certainly better when it comes to playback, because you can control all the CCs in detail. And the results will depend on how much time you are willing to spend on tweaking GPO. Finale works faster because of Human Playback, but you have very little control otherwise over playback.

    BTW I don't think Overture comes with GPO anymore, it used to come with a special edition of Overture3, but I don't think that is the case anymore. You will have to purchase it separately. It is certainly cheaper than both Sibelius and Finale....
    Kind Regards

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    Re: processor, overture and playback

    Thanks for the feedback. My PC is 2.2 ghz, amd athlon, 1.0 gb ram though I could upgrade to 4 gb.

    In addition, I'm looking to get a Presonus interface.

    Basically, I would like to get realistic playback using a notation program rather than a midi controller. Then, I could adjust in a sequencer so I've heard Overture is flexible, but most use Finale and Sibelius.

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    Re: processor, overture and playback

    Welcome to the forum, Leon,

    If you are going to be making your final results in a sequencer, then I think your choice of notation program is academic (meaning moot, not the academic pricing). This is because, for Finale at least, GPO uses special Notation versions of the instruments that are modified to work specifically with Finale's Human Playback algorhithm (which does a reasonable job, by the way).

    That being said, most people who have mentioned their workflow (myself included) strip out all the performance data after exporting the MIDI file from the notation software into the sequencer (Sonar, in my case). Then the full versions of the GPO/JABB/etc. instruments are assigned the appropriate tracks and controller data is added anew.

    Now, this is how I do strings and percussion, but keyboards and winds I play back in live (reading the notation program output) with MIDI contollers (digital piano and Yamahe WX-5). Oh, and I'm not sure what my computer specs are, but it's an older Dell, and it runs GPO without any problems so far. No symphony orchestras, yet, but no problems, either.

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    Re: processor, overture and playback

    Hi Leon,
    I would recommend you upgrade 4 GB, Overture 4 and GPO.
    If you want to sing lyrics try Myriad Harmony Assistant with Virtual Singer.
    Windows XP-SP2, IE7, ARIA GPO4, GPO KP2, Kontakt 3, NOTION 3, Amplitube X-GEAR, Overture 4.1, Harmony Assistant 9.5.1e, Virtual Singer, Gold SoundBase 2, OMeR 2.2, PDF to Music 1.2.1d, Miroslav Philharmonik, Sample Tank 2SE, Audacity, MuseScore 0.9.6

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    Re: processor, overture and playback

    Hi, thanks for all the suggestions.
    I think I will have to upgrade my RAM, and I'd like to try Overture. I've tried Sibelius and Finale demos, but I've heard Overture is more flexible and I'd like to use that to make controller adjustments, or I could just do that in a sequencer.


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    Re: processor, overture and playback

    I've been using Overture for years and I love it. I've tried Finale, Sibelius and a few others. Nothing compares to Overture. Like VST instruments and effects? Overture 4 was made for VSTs! Setting up tracks, entering notation and editing is much easier than anything else I've tried. Give it a try, and good luck!
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    Re: processor, overture and playback

    To all,

    As from now, I've blocked the download and play function of the score and the MP3 file of the 4th part of the symphony. Too many downloads followed this first reply, merely put there as an example of the power of Overture.

    Just wait for the official release in the Listening Room, a couple of weeks because it takes time to make it "happen" in Sonar.

    This has nothing to do with using Overture as a notation program with playback facilities.


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