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Topic: New Ultimate World Library in Giga format

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    New Ultimate World Library in Giga format

    Okay. Now if you clicked on this topic because you were genuinely interested in owning an Ultimate World Instruments collection, please just post a small reply below this.

    I just want to take a \"survey\" of how many people are itching for this rather than another grand piano, another brass library, another winds library.

    Am I really the only one looking for this library? Of course not! So, post a reply below and let\'s show the sample developers we\'re ready for a killer multi volumed, complete World Instruments for Giga.

    Let this be the first vote!

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    Re: New Ultimate World Library in Giga format

    I\'d be all for it, but I wonder if Nick hasn\'t already solved much of this problem with his \"Rare\" instruments CD...not all...but much of it....

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    Re: New Ultimate World Library in Giga format

    Nick\'s Rare Instruments is indeed a wonderful and powerful tool, but there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of instruments that are not represented. Some of the most exotic sounding instruments are either not available in sample form, or only in poorly recorded (or at least severely archaic) form.

    24-bit quality, well-recorded instrumemts (which for me means close-miked dry and near-field miked to get the sound of the room or rooms they are most usually heard in, YMMV) are always going to be well-received. Even those doing \'traditional\' symphonic work can probably appreciate a dash of digeridoo, or a gopichand hit (perfect for those smack-the-forehead moments!)

    I would like to see such a library released sort of like the \'Amps and Pickups\' library, where individual instruments could be purchased reasonably, or sets, like all the Indian instruments or a complete Indonesian gamelan on one CD, or a highlights album (the Middle East, with the major instruments-or a sampling of lesser-known ones) or the full library.

    Getting an all-instuments-of-the-world library wouldbe exciting, but man! I\'d hate to have to do the research (who\'s the best nose-flute player in Guinea?)

    If you decide to pursue this, good luck, and let us know. I would be a definite customer.

    OTOH, I\'m STILL looking for a big band brass AND reeds set! (But can\'t I have BOTH? I thought that\'s why God made 100GB hard disks!)


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    Re: New Ultimate World Library in Giga format

    Rare Instruments covers so few instruments. Trying to cover all the popular ethnic instruments in the world and do a good job is a 10 year quest. I will be doing Rare 2 soon, but it will be like the 1st, maybe a little bigger. I think it will take many developers doing what interests them and concentrating on a few things only, to create a comprehensive ethnic library. Afterall, we are talking about an entire planet full of instruments and playing styles.

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    Re: New Ultimate World Library in Giga format

    Well, I think if any sample developer really sits down and looks at the popularly played instruments of any given area in the world, he/she could narrow down the amount of instruments sampled. A Taiko drum, for instance is not a rare instrument....and when sampling Japanese instruments it seems a great and obvious choice.

    A sample developer could also point out to the end user that he/she could use blah-blah instrument inplace of a shah-shah instrument since both of them have similiar timbres. Hence, not needing to sample duplicate or close sounding instruments.

    Gary tackled a monumental task with his GOS in a reasonable amount of time. And with all the possibilities available in the states, you could find players to be sampled without traveling to so many countries (at universities in world music programs for instance).

    Again, I just want to see a show of hands how many people want these libraries. Numbers will be the pressure to make such thought a reality.

    Come on, folks! There\'s gotta be more then a few.

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    Re: New Ultimate World Library in Giga format

    I\'m curious if anyone has the \"Complete Gamelan\" CDRom from Ilio? If so, how is it?
    Are the samples also available in western tunings or are they all traditional?

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    Re: New Ultimate World Library in Giga format

    Nick, and other developers:

    May I be the first to request Shakuhachi (and similar exotic flutes with fx) for Gigastudio?!

    That Peter Gabriel sample is really getting old! Roland had some nice air pushes (\"Ghost Flute\"), but its been a LOOONG wait for a new and useful SHAK.

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    Re: New Ultimate World Library in Giga format

    Well I for one I hope someone really tackles the Indian thing. Get a great set of tablas, a superbly sampled sitar, and tamboura. Beatles forever.

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    Re: New Ultimate World Library in Giga format

    I haven\'t been too fond of \"world\" libraries in the past. Then, I bought Rare Instruments, which I absolutely love, and several of the patches are on my personal \"top 10 favorite patches\" list.

    I\'d definitely like to see some more ethnnic winds, a tiny bit of brass, and perhaps some strummed instruments or maaaaybe a touch more percussion (although I haven\'t greatly researched existing libraries).

    Chances are, my next \"world\" purchase will be RI2. I\'d be very hesitant before buying one not done by Nick, because 1) RI was done very well, and 2) I\'m used to the WAY that he makes his world patches (general layout like keyswitches and such).

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    Re: New Ultimate World Library in Giga format

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by tomhartman:
    Beatles forever. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


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