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Topic: New 1.5 Expanded Install errors

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    New 1.5 Expanded Install errors

    After hours of trial and error the only way to get the .dll installed was to choose Ignore by holding down ALT+i until the 100s of failed files passed.
    OK so that's solved.

    Same error messages ( many many times ) when using

    2 questions:

    1) If I manually copy the contents of the Sage directory on DVD 1 to my Sage location
    and then also do the same for DVD2
    and then also copy the contents of
    ..\Stylus_RMX_Software_Update_1_7_1_e_WIN\RMX Data Installer\SAGE\
    Will that accomplish a valid installation?

    2) I need to install on a second machine so I'm going to manually copy the Sage directory from the first PC and then manually copy the .dll and then make sure the shortcut is at:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Spectrasonics\SAGE
    and that it points to the actual location of my Sage directory.

    I suspect that will work?


    XP Pro SP-1 AMD Single Core 4000+ 4GB of ram.

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    Re: New 1.5 Expanded Install errors

    That is an error from the Windows operating system, indicating that you are short on Virtual Memory. A tip from Microsoft for this error:

    "Close some applications and try again. If you still get this message, choose System from Control Panel, then choose Virtual Memory and increase the size of your paging file."

    I would suggest that you ensure that your Virtual Memory is set to "system managed". Do this by right clicking on "My Computer", select Properties; select "Advanced" tab; Press "Settings" button in "Performance" region; select "Advanced" tab; Press "Change" button in "Virtual memory" section; then press the "System Managed Size" button. Then re-start your computer and try the installation again.

    Regarding your questions about copying SAGE: the installation process performs some other tasks in addition to installing the SAGE data folder. So it is not recommended that you manually copy the SAGE folder from the DVDs to the hard drive.

    Also, when installing on a second computer, you should install v1.5 from DVD, then install v1.7 from the downloadable installers. Manually copying from the first computer is not recommended.

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    Senior Member Steve_Karl's Avatar
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    Re: New 1.5 Expanded Install errors

    Thanks. I'll switch it to system managed and try again and report back.

    Set VM to system managed allowing it to use 2 different drives with over 300GB of available space total .......
    Same results with the same error message.
    The install begins to fail when copying the smaller files after "documentation."

    But I should clarify a bit more.

    Initially, when using ALT+i to ignore all errors the .dll got installed, found my Sage directory and I authorized successfully. RMX plays fine ... everything works. My only worry was that it didn't copy some of the smaller files like FX presets etc.

    I just restored my image of the authorized install done this morning. I imaged the OS drive in case this second attempt also failed the same way.

    So, I just manually copied all of the files into my sage directory and it took about 1/5 of the time that the installer was taking. No error messages at all.

    For my second install I'm going to use the same method if I get error messages ... ignore all errors until the .dll is in place, and then manually
    ( most likely a .bat from one pc to the other ) copy the files needed in the Sage directory.

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