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Topic: Who has DVD-rom player ?

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    Who has DVD-rom player ?

    Small survey:
    In the light of the upcoming release of my new piano library (5.1 Gigabytes) I wonder how many users here can read DVD-rom\'s on their Giga-system. I found several people and studio\'s still have CD-ROM devices only.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Who has DVD-rom player ?

    I can.

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    Re: Who has DVD-rom player ?

    Not on my Gst PC, but on a new PC for my son in my home network (6 PC\'s). Not yet considered a DVD player as upgrade for existing machines.

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    Re: Who has DVD-rom player ?


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    Re: Who has DVD-rom player ?

    Not me (yet) but I\'m still running a 333MHz Pentium III, so I\'m due for an upgrade pretty sonn, and i will have then.

    I\'d think you\'d want to release two versions (if that\'s not cost-prohibitive...) CDs are cheap, tho, compared to pressing DVD. Of course if you burn them yourself onesey/twoseys, it doesn\'t matter.


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    Re: Who has DVD-rom player ?

    I looked into this and found that not many have a dvd player. Garritan offers his library on DVD. He could give you a ratio probably.

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    Re: Who has DVD-rom player ?

    I have one in my home-studio but not my \"work studio\".
    I know certain video games that come on multiple cds have a \"mail-in\" option that you can send in the cds and get one DVD. I imagine if you are doing this independently though, that could get very expensive.

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    Re: Who has DVD-rom player ?

    Actually there is little difference in duplications costs between a DVD and 6 cd\'s.
    I just find that there aren\'t too many Giga-users that have DVD\'s in their set-up.
    I have several PC\'s and I had to build the DVD players in those systems myself. The only system that came with a DVD drive was a Gateway PC that I use at home.

    I\'m thinking of having the cd\'s pressed and offering an option for a DVD-R.

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    Re: Who has DVD-rom player ?

    Dvd rom in my machine..
    love it..

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    Re: Who has DVD-rom player ?

    r = recordable (!)

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