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Topic: GPO Keyswitches and Sibelius 5

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    GPO Keyswitches and Sibelius 5

    Hi people I am using Gpo with full Kontakt 2 and sibelius 5.25. I am having issues with getting sib to do keyswitch changes for up/down bow. In the staff above the notes I want switched I have put articultion marks for up/down and also tried with writing the word above the staff. No Luck.
    any ideas?
    All the other keyswitches seem to work from arco to pizz.

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    Re: GPO Keyswitches and Sibelius 5

    A few things:

    1.) Post this on the Sibelius board - you'll get faster help.

    2.) Are you putting in the Keyswitch notes, or are you using Technique Text? For arco and pizz, all you have to do is write them in, and the program will recognize them; I suspect the same is true of up/down bows - but on that lst I am not certain. I seem to remember something about the up/down not working below a certain speed/note value ( works for 16ths but not whole notes...). But do post this over at Sibelius - there are some of us here that use both, but there are more there.

    Hope this helps.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: GPO Keyswitches and Sibelius 5

    Thanks Ron I will post over at Sib.
    also, I am using tech text, I was under the impression that all the keyswitches would be in sibelius 5 In sib 3 I used to write them in.

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