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Topic: My first go with GPO

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    My first go with GPO

    Hi all.

    This is my time using either MIDI or a software instrument. It's short -- I'm just getting used to everything, really. If anyone has any technical advice or otherwise, it would be much appreciated.



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    Re: My first go with GPO

    Hi and welcome to the community! Really nice first post! You have everything sounding good and a good spread on all the instruments. I like the little ending!


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    Re: My first go with GPO

    Great tune! I liked the melodies and instrumentation very much - kept me interested until the end. Okay the tremolo on the double basses (and/or cello?) at the beginning of the flute solo was kinda weird but the rest was just terrific. The only things really missing are reverb (which used to be available for free on the GPO site, no idea where the link is now)... And maybe some solo instruments mixed in aka "section building"- definitely during the pizzicato parts and maybe in the arco violins during the trumpet solo.

    Keep it up!
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    Re: My first go with GPO

    Hello Julie,

    Welcome to the forum.

    This was real fine for a first post. You have some pretty good orchestration skills going and good ideas.

    As has already been stated, you'll need some verb for a more 3 dimensional sound.

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    Re: My first go with GPO

    Very welcome here, this piece of music. Reverb may give it more depth and all the other comments are already made. Your spreading of the instruments give "transparancy" to the sound, good idea. Go on working on this piece furthermore, it deserves the effort.



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    Re: My first go with GPO


    Welcome to the Garritan Community. Your first post is
    definitely an indication that you are on a fast track to
    success using sampled instruments. I think you have
    made some really good orchestral instrument choices
    in this first musical post.

    We hope you will post more of your music. This was
    a very enjoyable listen.

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    Re: My first go with GPO

    Sounds really good. Especially the orchestration in general. Reverb will help make it sound more realistic but also, there's plenty of room in there for more automation of cc1, cc11, and/or cc7. Those especially will help. It's just a bit stiff is all. On the mod patches, use the mod wheel aLOT. I'm not sure but I'm guessing you are using a notation program. A sequencer makes this easy to do. Still, It's a wonderful piece!

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    Re: My first go with GPO

    Wow, thanks for all the helpful and insightful comments!

    bigears -- thanks for the kind words!

    suspenlute -- Thanks for the tip about section building. I did utilize this in the cello section on the more legato parts, however, I'm finding it difficult to have too many tracks going on my MIDI project, even when I mute and freeze every track but the one I'm working on, GarageBand freezes up. I tried having different sections in different projects, but then I was having trouble synching them after exporting as audio. I know I probably need RAM, but does anyone know a more efficient work method until then?

    fastlane -- thanks for the comments

    Raymond62 -- Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed listening.

    Rhap2 -- Thank you for the thoughtful words, much appreciated.

    EricWatkins -- Thank you for the tips! I definitely agree, it sounds "stiff" to me in several areas. By saying, "...use the mod wheel a LOT", do you think I could be more liberal with the movement of it? I kind of keep it steady after the initial slope up from the beginning of the sample.

    I'm not using a notation program, as I'm not trained in reading music.

    As for the reverb issue that several of you mentioned, I did try to add some, but it just kind of seemed to dull the sound of the samples and not really add any dimension. I tried adding more to each section as they progress back on the stage (i.e. -- less to strings as they're up front, more to winds, more to horns...), but it definitely doesn't sound as I would like it to.

    PHEW, sorry for such a long post, but I'm really benefiting from all of these comments -- I would like to get a great deal better at all of this


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    Re: My first go with GPO

    You do have a lot of really nice ideas going on. You have the instruments spread out in the stereo field nicely. You have some wonderful little melodic ideas tying it all together. You have enough here to develop into a very nice, rich long piece of music. So, let's hear more of it!

    Oh, and yes a little reverb for depth would just add to what you have already started. Glad you joined us here.
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    Re: My first go with GPO


    Welcome to the LR.

    As has been said, this piece is a great way to introduce yourself.

    I can hear that you have some reverb on this, but a touch more at the end of each litle break would help some. Just automate the amount of reverb and add a little bit at the end of phrases to give it a ring and that way you can keep it low the rest of the time.

    Nicely done

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