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Topic: Another freakin' brass topic!

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    Another freakin\' brass topic!

    Message deleted out of respect for the moderators. -- Pat

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    Re: Another freakin\' brass topic!


    I think MIDI Classics is going to have the best price for QLB, if you dont have any East West Points. You may want to wait for an East West Sale/promotion. YOu might be able to swing a good price when that happens. I\'m not sure It\'d be much tho.

    As for JAck\'s and DDSB. I could have sworn I got it from there at under 500, but I could be mistaking it for DDSolo Woods, which I also got from Jacks. I\'m not a member, but I\'m not sure if thats something new he\'s added to the site, since I dont remember it being there. I\'ll check my receipt, but I suggest calling the guy, he\'s a really nice guy and helpfull.

    As for a new library asking for what you want...... Dont think there is anything on the \"soon\" horizon. Nick\'s put QLB on hold, which is too bad, I\'d love to hear that 2+ gig solo horn he mentioned at some point.

    For getting a bigger sound out of QLB and layering with other libraries. I really like the sound of both DDsolo brass with edits to the \"ensemble\" patches layered with the QLB ensembles. As well as the solo QLB trumpet over the ensembles. DDSB has that bright fff sizzle you jsut cant find in any other library. QLB has the ambience/distance that DDSB doesn\'t have.

    With some edits to DDsolo brass instruments I was able to get some really cool control of the ensemble patches. In fact its the best I\'ve heard for myself.

    Still if you want the library you\'re asking for, its going to be up to someone like Gary to do it. I think he\'s the only one crazy enough to attempt sampling different musicians and instruments for four different solo versions of the same instrument. not to mention he\'d throw in every articulation ou\'d want/need. I believe Marteen is still doing some sampling, but I dont think there are specific plans to release it, alao, I forget,...but I think it was Joris or someone who\'s been planning to do one soon. He sounded like he had some good ideas as well.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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