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Topic: Strings sound like static

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    Strings sound like static

    I'm using section violins and they've worked fine until tonight. I just added cc 64 data and used the mod wheel in real time. Now they sound all staticky. I've tried changing the patch to other violins and it's just the same. I bounced to audio and it's the same. What could be the problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Strings sound like static

    Quote Originally Posted by Janet View Post
    What could be the problem?

    Thanks in advance!
    Hi Janet,
    I'm not sure what software program you are using, but you might check your buffer setting.

    The larger the number, the more reliable and static free the sound will be, but there will be more noticeable delay (latency) while you play your midi keyboard.

    Smaller buffer numbers provide less delay, but also the computer does not have enough time to calculate things for a glitch free performance.

    This is most likely an issue with your sound card or audio interface, whichever you have. You could also try rebooting your system.

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    Re: Strings sound like static

    Thanks! Sorry, I'm using Sonar. The buffer is set to 1056. But I realized that when I added Modulation with the mod wheel on the keyboard, it added it ON TOP of the cc 11 data I had already drawn with the mouse. So that must have been too much for it. Thanks for the tip--latency was the word I needed--made me think to look at that cc data again!

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    Re: Strings sound like static

    Hi, Janet - I'm glad you figured out your problem. It happens to me sometimes when I'll accidentally have competing MIDI data in a project. Taking a good look in the Piano Roll View reveals when that happens - you'll see spikes from one recording sticking up where another recording will be at a different level - playback is "like static" because the volume is wildly fluctuating.

    But it couldn't have been cc11 which was competing with your cc1, since cc11 doesn't control volume in GPO.


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    Re: Strings sound like static

    Thanks, Randy. Well, it's was cc something-or-other. Too much of it too! :-) Thanks again!

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