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Topic: Shakespeare's "The Tempest"

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    Cool Shakespeare's "The Tempest"

    Hi, gang.

    New music posted on my site for a recent project. Feel free to have a listen.


    All cues composed with Garritan GPO and East/West Symphonic Choirs.

    Thanks in advance!
    Steve A. Gallant


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    Re: Shakespeare's "The Tempest"

    Good Morning Steve, I have just finished listening to the various pieces on your page. The first thing that really struck me was your use of the voices and how much they contribute to the sense of something "foreign" or "wild" in the music. You have really made great use of the GPO sounds here, the instruments sound very period and also slightly unusual, like they are indigenous to another place.
    That low frequency sound in the second piece and the reprise in the last piece is really something. That's music that moves you!
    Thanks for sharing your work here, I hope you have much success with these!

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    Re: Shakespeare's "The Tempest"

    Hello, John.

    Thanks so much for listening, and for your kind words.

    The interesting thing about the song pieces (especially those that accompany Ariel) was that I didn't want them to sound like an orchestra, but fairly other-worldly... almost as though Ariel commanded spirits to produce the accompaniment that he sings to.

    The low frequency sound (in "While you do here snoring lie") was neither GPO or Choirs... I think it was from a plain old Soundfont I had lying around.
    Steve A. Gallant


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