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Topic: Unusual request: I need you in my choir :)

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    Unusual request: I need you in my choir :)

    Hey everyone

    this is going to sound a bit strange, but please hear me out

    For a BIG track im working on i need a choir. Not just a choir of 40 or 50, or even 100, but as many voices as is possible to get a HUGE sound. That sound of 1000s of people singing and having fun doing it. I cant afford, nor have the amenities, to go into a stadium and record 10,000 poeple, So i am asking YOU, would you like to sing on this track?

    It is very simple what i need sung, just a simple 4 bar phrase, consisting of either one or two notes. In fact you could sing multiple harmonies, they can call be used. The style isnt classical, more of gospel church type, but any style of singing would be great, you could even sing in different voices!

    All you would need is a mic (ANY type will do, i can clean up 'dirtier' recordings),a metronome set to 120bpm, and some basic rhythm - which Im pretty sure everyone here will have

    If you are interested, please PM me or email me at benedictpnichols AT gmail . com.

    Everyone who participates will get a free copy of the album when it is released later this year. I should point out that this is a Christian-themed album. If you arent Christian but dont mind singing some simple 'pro-christian' lyrics then please contact me (its only 4 words!). If you really dont like christianity tho, I'd guess that you probably wont be interested in singing the words.

    Thanks everyone for reading, and i hope to hear all your voices!


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    Re: Unusual request: I need you in my choir :)

    Email sent.
    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams …
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    Re: Unusual request: I need you in my choir :)

    Thanks to those that have responded so far (Kevin and Tony). Much appreciated. Ive replied to your emails with more details about the track. If you are up for doing this please reply again and I will send you pdf file of the simple phrases I need.

    Thankyou again, this is exciting! I dont know if this has ever been tried before, assembling a basic choir track through a forum! I really think this is the only forum in the world where this would work!


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    Re: Unusual request: I need you in my choir :)

    Hi Ern, thanks for volunteering!

    Hopefully it will work like this, everyone sings their parts (each has harmonies) at the same tempo. It is so blindingly easy that all i then have to do is line up the wave forms, add some 3 party pluggins (eg Chorus by Antares) and ta-da, a chorus of say 6 poeple suddenly becomes hundreds. It doesnt sound perfect, but the more people tht get added to it, the better it sounds!

    Also it doesnt matter if people arent bang in time with consonants and note lengths, as long as it is sung with energy and enthusiasm. One of the properties of a MASSIVE collection of people singing is that there are timings that are out a little. I dont want it to sound like a professional choir, just a big congreagation singing and enjoying it!

    To all those that have volunteered in the last 24 hours, thankyou. I will be sending out a pdf (and/or simple sib file) of what i need soon. probably today if i get a chance.

    Thankyou again, you members of this forum really are generous!


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    Re: Unusual request: I need you in my choir :)

    Email sent. I don't have much of a voice, but if all you need is somebody singing enthusiastically, hey, I can DO that!

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    Re: Unusual request: I need you in my choir :)

    cheers HongKongCV

    do you have an email address i can send more info to?

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    Re: Unusual request: I need you in my choir :)

    I'm game, sent you an email-


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    Re: Unusual request: I need you in my choir :)

    THanks Jim,

    im not sure i got your email tho :S

    Have i sent the pdf to everyone who has volunteered?

    Thanks for a great response people!


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    Re: Unusual request: I need you in my choir :)

    Any one else interested in giving this a go? i can ALWAYS use more voices. and it so very very simple!

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    Re: Unusual request: I need you in my choir :)

    Last call

    Also, if there is anyone who ive sent the material too who is interested in giving this a shot, I dont mean to be rude or pushy, but i could really do with the recordings by tuesday night at the latest. The track is 'due' to be finished by friday and I really want to nail the big choir sound asap to give the lead singer a better feel for it.

    A massive thankyou to all those who have volunteered, and especially to those who have already sent me recordings!



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