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Topic: Rock of Ages (Test demo of new software and libraries)

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    Rock of Ages (Test demo of new software and libraries)

    Hello again... I originally posted this in the "Garritan" listening room but, to avoid anymore complications, and taking the advice of the many, many, kind members who were gracious enough to point out to me that I shouldn't be posting in the other listening room if my projects did not contain any GPO, I re-posted here

    I am still working on my previous project (The Last Warrior) but, in the meantime, I've recently gotten some new software and 2 new libraries and I wanted to give them a "test" run so, I put together this small .56 second demo.


    At this point in the demo, NONE of the instruments or libraries are GPO. The acoustic guitar is played live by me and ALL other instruments and sounds have been taken from other, and my newest libraries. The lead guitar is also from the new library but it is played by me using my UMX25 keyboard. Feedback is welcome.

    Thank you,

    Aeon Six


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    Re: Rock of Ages (Test demo of new software and libraries)

    Hi, I saw this earlier on the Garritan site and listened to it but didn't comment.
    Glad to see you moved it here for the time being. I like the mix and the general overall feel of this. And I like the simple intro with the solo guitar and the building up of the various instruments.
    I'd like to hear this again as you go forward with it! John

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